20 Years After Starting Kupat HaIr, Rav Chaim Launches New Project

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Since the pandemic started, “Yitzi,” a seven year old living in Beit Shemesh, has had it rough. Before Covid 19, although his family lived month to month, they always had enough food to provide “Yitzi” and his siblings with three hot meals a day. Today, “Yitzi” is lucky if he even has breakfast before school or dinner in the evening. Aches from his hunger pangs are making it hard for him to sleep. He can’t concentrate in school. During lunch break, he looks longingly at his friends eating lunch and davens that tomorrow he will be just like them.


“Yitzi” is not alone: There are 20,000 kids just like him who have recently been impoverished due to the virus, a fact that is distressing Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a.


It goes without saying that this Gadol Hador takes his learning seriously. Anyone who has visited the Rav’s house to receive a Bracha will tell you that he learns intensively even in the few seconds between one guest leaving the room and one entering. Although we can never fully understand Hashem’s reward system, one would imagine that his lifetime of learning has left him with tremendous schar. That makes it all the more remarkable that the Rav is now looking to share a portion of his Torah learnings with other members of the Jewish People – for an important cause.


20 years after the founding of historic charity organization Kupat Ha’Ir, Rav Kanievsky has started a new fund. While Kupat Ha’Ir has always run emergency campaigns for individual families, the “Olelim” Fund is a more general fund which transfers necessary funds to a large number of impoverished Israeli families. The pandemic has caused a severe uptick in the number of children in need.


Rav Chaim has made feeding these kids a priority, and has signed a partnership contract with Kupat Ha’ir stipulating that donors will receive a portion in his Torah learning. He will also add their names to his coveted Birkas HaChodesh list and daven for them. The Rav also extends his blessing to all who participate: “All who contribute a substantial amount to the Olelim Fund of Kupat Ha’ir for hungry families and children, should merit mida k’neged mida that they should have an abundant parnassah- and so it is confirmed,”


To learn more about partnering with Rav Kanievsky, click here. 


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