2,500 Envelopes with 200 Shekels Each Distributed at Rav Goldberg’s Levayah

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The levayah of Rav Chaim Yosef Goldberg zt”l, one of the greatest baalei chesed of the generation, was held earlier today in Yerushalayim, as previously reported on Matzav.

At the levayah, envelopes with money were distributed as per the tzavaah of Rav Akiva Eiger, following a request of the deceased.

No fewer than 2,500 envelopes, each one containing NIS 200, were distributed at the levayah by gabbaei tzedakah.

Among those who distributed the envelopes was noted gabbai tzedakah Rav Chaim Turchin, who nearly collapsed from the heat and had to be extricated from the tremendous crowd.

On each envelope was written: “In accordance with the will of Rav Akiva Eiger, at the funeral will be distributed envelopes… Please learn Mishnayos l’illui nishmas Rav Chaim Yosef ben Rav Yitzchok Goldberg.”

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. 2420 envelopes were distributed, as told on the envelope itself.
    the money was donated that morning, leiluy nishmas.
    on the envelope there is no mention to learn mishnayos, but reb chaim zatzal probably would have asked to learn!, and if possible for his zchus as well.

  2. correction of my earlier post
    there were also envelopes that were written on them to learn mishnayos leiluy nishmas
    it seems that it is written in “chut hameshulos” from reb akiav eiger to distribute money to tzedoko at the levaye, the amount of 224, and they gave that much times 10, not like i wrote in the original post, only 2240.

    i don’t know what gematria adds up to 224. when i went to the beis ha-avel, there was a big copy of the envelope, with letters above the gematria explaining it, but i didn’t really pay attention. it seems slot of people were asking this same question.
    just worked it out (they didn’t write the numbers in order), here it is:
    chaim (obviously in hebrew) = 68
    yosef = 156
    156 & 68 = 224

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