Elon Musk Getting Stuck In Traffic Jam Leads To Innovative New Company

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Elon Musk revealed Friday a first glimpse¬†of the Boring Company, Musk’s attempt to combat traffic¬†though a functioning web of underground highways.

A new video, released during a TED Talks conference, shows a computer-generated mockup of a sprawling network of underground tunnels that vehicles can access via elevators nested near roadsides.

With Tesla, Musk achieved something that many doubted was possible — he built a successful car startup that could compete with Detroit manufacturers. In fact, Tesla recently became the most valuable car manufacturer in America.

Musk’s company SpaceX also achieved a historic feat last month when it launched and landed a rocket from orbital space for a second time. Reusing rockets is a major step forward in making spaceflight more affordable, since they cost tens of millions of dollars and have traditionally been discarded after one launch.

Musk will need to pull off a similar cost-crunching endeavor to make his tunnel dream a reality. Tunneling, like space travel, is typically very expensive, costing hundreds of millions of dollars per mile. Read more at CNN.




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