30,000 Jews Will Be Heading to Orlando for Passover

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Kosher Today is reporting that that as many as 6000 families (25,000-30,000 people) will fill thousands of villas and rentals as well as hotels in Orlando, Florida during Pesach this year.

Many kosher supermarkets will be shipping truckloads of food to supply the thousands of Jews making the trip. Additionally, several kosher caterers have been retained to cater Seder meals at some of the villa complexes.



  1. if this is true, it would be tragic on so many levels.

    First, If there are so many Jewish families that have the wherewithal to afford such an expensive vacation, there must also be many more who can afford the same but opt to spend Passover in a more sedate environment. If so why are so many other Jews in such dire financial straits. How can so many engage in frivolity in the midst of so much suffering.

    Second, Passover is a time when Jews celebrate their exodus from Egypt to spend the next forty years in a desolate wasteland in in order to bask in the glory of Hashem’s presence. It is ironic that so many Jews cannot find any other way to commemorate this event than by basking in the glory of Mickey Mouse.

    Thirdly, a Passover seder concludes with the wish that we spend “the next year in Jerusalem”. Here, when so many Jews have the ability to actualize this wish by visiting the Kosel Hamarovi on Pesach, they opt instead to view the fireworks and other juvenile forms of entertainment so abounding in Orlando.

    Fourth, is Judaism today so unfulfilling that so many Jews are so jaded that cannot spend one week with their family in a spiritual yet joyous ambience?

    Fifth, sixth and seventh are so glaringly obvious that they need not be mentioned and to elucidated them further would only serve to trivialize their wickedness.

    When the Jews who spend Passover in Orlando pray for their ultimate redemption what do they have in mind? An eternity spent in indulgent, frivolous, and carnal activity? In the Talmud the Rabbis engage in a dispute as to the name of Moshiach. Menachem, Yinon, Shilo, and Chananyah are suggested.

    But no one offers Walt as the name of Moshiach.

    • You are right on the money (pun intended).
      I thought Kllal Yisroel was supposed to be oleh regel to Yerushalayim? How did this Yom Tov of chinuch habanim/banos descend into salivating over Mickey & Daffy?

      • Nebach:

        For Pessach, my family and I are headed to a small apartment that we own. Only two small bedrooms and two small bathrooms. A tiny, non-eat-in-kitchen.

        The “only” redeeming factor is that this small apartment is located less than a mile-and-a-half from the Kotel HaMa’aravi in a city named Yerushalayim.

  2. Florida sure costs a lot
    I had to buy a smaller yacht
    It’s nice to own a second home
    On Chol HaMoed we’ll do Rome
    Our private plane is flown by Jeff
    Our seder catered by our chef
    We’ve every food that you may seek
    I’m richer than a Saudi sheik
    If it’s too hot we’ll import snow
    Why not? It’s my dough to blow
    If it rains, we’ll still have fun
    I’ve got the cash to build a Sun
    Maybe we’ll build a private beach
    When you’re loaded nothing’s out of reach
    I hope our country can survive it
    When I make Disney World private
    I don’t care if you can’t abide us
    ‘Cause I’m rich, rich, richer than King Midas

  3. seems everyone has money for this
    like in my shule the guys that go every year and when they make a wedding the shule collects for them!!!!
    pity some of these guys because they dont have the money and have to borrow to keep up the image etc
    life is all about priorities!


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