Photos: 38th Annual Midwest Siyum Mishnayos Held in Detroit


midwest-siyum-mishnayos-2011-17[Photos below.] Over 450 boys from 16 cities across the country gathered in Detroit for the 38th Annual Midwest PircheiĀ Siyum Mishnayos over the weekend of Shabbos Parshas Pekudei. Boys attending from Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago, and thirteen other cities.

A team of dedicated volunteers, led by Rabbi Mordechai Katz, executive director of Pirchei Detroit, and Mr. Kerry Silver, organized the event.

Yeshiva Gedola Ateres Mordechai hosted portions of the davening and learning starting on Thursday, with the bochurim of the yeshiva serving as mentors for the boys.

Activities included a visit to the Joe Dumars’ Fieldhouse, a sports complex, on Friday.

At the Shabbos seudos at Yeshiva Ateres Mordechai, the boys heard from Rabbi Doniel Neustadt, Rabbi Yisroel Menachem Levin, Rabbi Benny Wielgus Rabbi Asher Eisenberger, Rabbi Simcha Klein, Rabbi Eli Gordon and others.

The main event was held Motzoei Shabbos with over 700 people attending at the Bais Yaakov of Detroit.

Click below for photos:

{Yossi Newscenter}


  1. The motor city rises to the occasion again! Hosting 300 people in houses, the buchrim giving it their all. The Wait staff and kitchen churning out delicious food to 450 people 4 times over shabbos – with not much help from the appliances! Rockin Zimeiros- Chesky Blitz you the man! WOW the Ruach and achdus not to be matched anywhere! See you in 2014 where this 1 is 4 you! (in Yerushalyim!)

  2. Thank you Rabbi Nuchi Stein without your attention to each detail and your guidance on each matter we would still be waiting on the curb!


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