4 Killed As Terrorist Open Fire Near Kiryat Arba Settlement


29301794_magendovidadomFour Israelis were killed as terrorists opened fire at an Israeli vehicle near a Kiryat Arba settlement this evening. Magen David Adom crews and IDF forces are in the area of Chevron providing care.

According to MDA Spokesman, the victims included two men aged 25 and 40 and two women also aged 25 and 40.

The attack comes hours before Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas are set to meet in Washington for peace talks.

The IDF was on high alert in the West Bank out of fear that increased attacks by Palestinians terrorist would try to torpedo attacks.

{JPost/Matzav.com Israel}}


  1. It appears that the “peace talks” are to blame for this terrible loss of life, thats jewish blood for Obamas Democratic party to do well in Novembers midterm elections, o well another level of chutzpa, jews should die in order for Obama to succeed, how sick. And he should not claim that he meant well making this so called peace summit with the puppet called abu mazen in Ramala because everyone knows thats this puppet cant control the Hamas and islamic Jihad terrorist in Yehuda and Shmron as he openly admitted today, so who in the world are these silly so called peace invitatives being negotiated with? This Abu Mazen guy is nothing like his predecessor Arfat who was able to control Hamas, he was’nt even elected so what is this rediculous peace summit for?


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