5-Min Parking Grace Period Goes into Effect in NYC

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nyc-meterNew York City drivers are now getting a little bit of grace. A new law is now in effect that gives drivers a five-minute grace period in some parking zones. The new law started today.

The City Council passed the law last year over the veto of Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

It gives a five-minute grace period in timed zones and meters before a ticket can be written.

Bloomberg said the change would lead to chaos, and wondered whose watch would be used to determine the five minutes.

Supporters of the law say there were too many “gotcha” tickets.

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  1. so now the cop will stand there and give you a gotcha ticket the second the 5 minutes are up!!!! ITS TIME TO REFORM THE POLICE DEPARTMENT!!!

  2. Time for people to wear watches and check the time. I always put in an extra quarter even if it is not needed, better 25 cents than $35.

  3. @ #1

    Don’t be so silly.

    Be grateful for the five minutes of grace to pay for parking. IMO, that is more than adequate.

    Or is Klal Yisrael above and exempt from paying for parking, like all “lesser” mortals?

  4. The picture you have is misleading. As only those in a Muni Meter Or alternate side parking have the 5 minute grace period. The standard meters DO NOT have any grace period.


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