5,000 People Attend Parnassah Expo in Lakewood

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parnassah-expoLakewood, NJ – Reb Duvi Honig and the Learn and Network Kollel’s first ever Parnassah Expo yesterday was a smashing success, exceeding all expectations.

The event, held at Bais Yaakov High School Hall in Lakewood, from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. for women and 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. for men, drew about 5,000 people throughout the course of the day, according to police estimates shared with Matzav.com.

Prominent corporations from across the northeast, along with dozens of small and midsize community businesses, had booths at the expo. Representatives of various headhunting corporations and employment agencies and organizations were present to help match up parnassah seekers with prospective employers and ventures.

Among the prominent askanim who made appearances at the event was Rabbi Pesach Lerner of Young Israel, Zisha Novoseller of the OU Job Board, Lakewood Director of Economic Development Steven Reinman, Lakewood Deputy Mayor Isaac Akerman, and others.

The myriad booths and programs at the Expo were arranged in an effective fashion, so that every attendee got to interact with all those who can be of help to them.

Vendors and visitors came from Flatbush, Boro Park, Monsey, Williamsburg, the Five Towns, Denver, Florida, and elsewhere.

One section of the Expo was a job fair, where various open positions, in both the business and chinuch worlds, were posted. Another section was comprised of the various headhunting corporations and employment organizations. A third section featured information about a variety of courses and classes in a broad spectrum of fields.

The Expo also featured many continuous workshops on myriad topics.

The expo was a project of the Learn and Network Kollel, which features a daily afternoon seder, with structured limudim and shiurim. New shiurim and chavrusashafts are constantly added at the kollel‘s bais medrash, which attracts a growing and diverse crowd, and the chizuk shmuess by a noted guest speaker each Thursday evening wraps up the week. A growing group of bnei Torah and baalei batim now utilizes the kollel as a source of ruchniyusdige nourishment.

In addition to the solid learning schedule, the Learn and Network program enables its members to network and progress in their quest to earn a parnassah. Career coaches, business startup experts, and consultants and professionals within any given field address the kollel on a weekly basis and are available for follow-up consultation. Various job placement and parnassah assistance organizations, including PCS and the Emergency Parnassa Initiative (EPI), and various government agencies, are affiliated with the Learn and Network Kollel, whose members enjoy full access to their resources. The kollel also boasts a close relationship with the LRRC and Chemed, helping members overcome their financial rough patches.

The Learn and Network Kollel now has $20,000 in chovos due to the cost of the event. Anyone who wishes to take part in this avodas hakodesh of helping people with parnassah can do so by donating here.

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  1. I was there and it was troubling to see how many people need work. But we should first note that many people who were there were exhibitors and potential employers as well as people offering various types of training, tips, advice and coaching. We should also take great pride and comfort in the fact that so many yidden came together to attack the terrible parnassa problems. Yasher Kochachaw to Mr. Honig and all the people who put this together.


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