7 Killed in Train Crash in Southern Israel


train-accidentSeven people were killed this evening when a train crashed into a minibus near Kibbutz Gat, which is located north of Kiryat Gat. Magen David Adom reported that another person was seriously injured in the collision, and three others sustained light wounds. Military choppers are evacuating the wounded to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba and Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon.

The train’s front cabin that was involved in the crash was overturned, and the minibus it hit was completely crushed. Magen David Adom Spokesperson Maxim Nizri said that the train continued to coast for 20 to 30 meters (yards) after the initial hit.

Magen David Adom said reports of the accident, which took place on road 353 in the south, were received at 7:15 pm. Large police and emergency services forces were alerted to the scene, and the cause of the crash was initially unclear.

Israel Railways Director-General Yitzhak Harel told Kol Israel Radio that an initial investigation has revealed that the minibus broke through the electric blockade at a railway crossing and that the train’s conductor, driving a train packed with passengers, activated the emergency brake, but was unable to stop the train in time.

“He just arrived at a high speed. I don’t know why. All the warning systems worked,” said Harel.

Eldad, who was on the train, told Ynet, “We felt like we ran over a pit, a small collision. At first, there was no ruckus until the helicopters arrived and people started to panic. A military helicopter landed in order to load injured people and a convoy of ambulances arrived on the site.”

Avital Avramzon, who was also on the train, said that the train made a sudden stop at 7:05 pm. “There was a kind of weak sound of a collision. Ever since, the train has been standing still, and we are all waiting inside, gathered by the windows.”

Southern District Police Chief Yohanan Danino arrived at the scene, and Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen is on his way to the site.

{Ynet/Matzav.com Israel}


  1. So sad! All Ehrlicher Yiden! Let nobody say he was going too fast or the driver ignored the barrier broke through it. There were no eye witnesses! It is a sad story! Yidden, a whole family, lost their lives in such a miserable way! Last Rosh HAshana we said in Unsaneh Tokef, “Mi baraash etc.” This was a g’zaira from Shomayim and V’chol Yisroel Yivku ess hasrayfa asher soraf Hashem! May this be the last tragedy we have to deal with before the ge’ulah!

  2. Oy this is just terrible-a gantzi mishpuchu of karlin stolini chasidim from beitar elit, the rebbe son was sent to tell the injured eidim of the incident but he just couldnt go in, he said the tzar is just enormous, the tears just dont stop coming from my eyes a whole mishpachu of yireim vishlaimim that is a total of ten shomrei Shabis nifter in one week. its so biter this gulus
    Reb Efrayim wachsman says on his tape about klal yisroels tzuris and he says after asking how could ruchil imainu give away the simunim to leah what right did she have to give it away it was given to her by yakov uvinu and he answers that ruchil felt that the tsar and embarrassment her sister would endure, just didnt leave her with a choice and zugt reb Efrayim wachsman shlita the same applies with our plea to Hashem yes this is from the gzairas before moshiachs arrival but Hashem how could you be soivil so much tsar from your am hanivchar and from ten frum yiden in one week?

  3. These tragedies are UNREAL! We all hold our breaths during the three weeks, but all these terrible stories are happening after!!!!

    There are no words! May Hashem guide us all in doing our own proper tshuva and merit moshiach bimheira!


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