8 Days, 20+ Parties: Misameach’s Non-Stop Chanukah Activities

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Chanukah is a time of light and joy, but for some, there is more darkness to dispel than for others. Misameach volunteers spent their Chanukah working tirelessly to bring light and laughter and cheer to homes and hospitals around the tristate area, allowing sick children and their families to experience a taste of pure joy during this wonderful holiday. The diverse array of programs arranged by Misameach over Chanukah ensured that there was something for everyone.

The Misameach Chanukah season kicked off with an amazing pre-Chanukah woodworking session at Home Depot, where children created their own menorahs and enjoyed entertainment and a hot dinner.

Misameach hosted over 20 parties throughout the eight days of Chanukah, bringing along special guests and professional entertainment to create a vibrant experience for all of the attendees. In both private homes and major hospitals from Highland Park to Westchester, Lakewood to Monsey, and more, Misameach was there, giving the sick and the bedridden an experience they will long remember.

As part of their events and outings program, Misameach provided free tickets to the Zman play and to the Uncle Moishy and Twins from France concert for many of their families.

Singers such as Yehuda Green, Baruch Levine and many others contributed their considerable musical talents to the cause, bringing joy and song to so many.

Dozens of volunteers gave up precious time on Chanukah to be there for those less fortunate. As they do all year round.

Though Chanukah is now but a memory, for the hundreds of sick and disabled touched by Misameach’s Chanukah joy that memory is one that will not fade for a very long time to come.


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