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  1. The most dedicated rebbe i have ever had in my life, it is so sad to see him leave Mesivta Ateres Yaakov, but i am sure he made the decition al das torah and i wish him much Hatzlacha. Torah Vodaath you are truely very lucky to land such an amazing person.
    From a loving talmid

  2. Rabbi Rabinowitz was my Rebbi and let me just tell, he is one of the most people I ever met. He has changed my life and countless other Talmidim he has had! He’s always full of excitement, energetic the Talmidim of Torah Vdaas are very lucky to be having him as their menahel! Hatzlacha Rebbi! ( I still miss Friday tish!)

  3. i wasnt privleged to rabbbi rabinowitz as my gemora rebbe but i was privleged to have him twice a week for 2 years my 11th and 12th grades.he is one of the most amzing people out there is this world…hes all about EMES!! HE SAYS IT HOW IT IS AND THATS WHY HES SO SPEICAL. i will truly miss you MUCH OF LUCK IN YOUR NEW CAREER AS MENHAEL!!!


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