A Father Forced To Step Into a New Role

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Can you imagine? Can you imagine pain like what these children have been through? Can you imagine watching your mother die slowly, and being left with a father who is completely, and wholly devastated? If you can’t imagine such pain, read their story to get a glimpse. And if you can imagine such pain, then you know how badly they need you right now.


Leah Faiga Eisenbach Z’L, was a mother to 10 young children when she was diagnosed with double cancer. Despite aggressive treatments for a year and half, the cancer spread to her brain and eventually took her life. Her youngest child was just five years old at the time.


Throughout her illness, Leah Faiga’s husband, Israel Noach stood by her side and took care of Leah Faiga and the children. He did whatever he could to make his wife comfortable while shielding his young children from the immense pain Leah Faiga was suffering from.


Israel Noach was a devoted husband and is equally devoted to his children. He spends all his energy running the household and taking care of the many daily needs that comes with raising young children. Due to the immense responsibilities that Israel Noach must manage, he cannot work full time. His income has been reduced to almost non-existent and he is struggling to provide his family with basic needs on his own.

The Eisenbach family needs help from Klal Yisroel. They have been through such a heartbreaking hardship already and it is only being exacerbated by the debt they are accumulating with each day. Please click here to donate to this family in need.


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