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rungeBy Wendy Runge

My dearest friends and family, as the bracha from Reb Michel Twerski directed: We have emerged VICTORIOUS!!

Wait, what???

Looking back on a grueling trial, a complicated preparation, false accusations, betrayal, questions of guilt on any number of financial charges…I was offered a plea bargain that my Rav sanctioned: I willingly plead guilty, with the former film commissioner, to causing two applications for projects to be swapped for one another.

Why is this a victory?

Because this mistake occurred and it was the emes. I never denied that the film commissioner approved and facilitated this change and we did it with full disclosure. However, the State felt it was an illegal act. I accepted full responsibility for my part of this and I accepted the plea for this one charge.

All other charges and the civil suit against me were dropped. I am vindicated…I didn’t steal or authorize any one to steal from the citizens of Iowa. I did not plan or plot for more theft. I was not a “criminal mastermind” as the newspapers declared. I was duped by a State official and I accept my part.

Yes, I have to cooperate with the State. I have NEVER had a problem doing so. All we ever wanted was show the emes.

I accept my responsibilities b’simcha because this was the MOST amazing and transformative experience I have had since I became a b’al tshuvah.

Never did I feel that HaShem was not with me. Well, not for more than a few minutes at a time…and then I knew I was wrong!!!

Never did I do something of which I was not proud. Especially today.

I always felt that all of you were all with me and urging G-d to be with me on this harrowing roller coaster ride.

What occurred today was a miracle. Iowa can save face that they got “a conviction” and I was proven right that I did not do anything illegal in my business practices on THE SCIENTIST.

More details to follow.

I humbly thank HaShem for Pinchus, my children, my family, friends, my legal team, Thomas, and all of the selfless acts you all provided to help me make it to this day. Thanks to my Rav, Rabbi Chaim Goldberger, and the phenomenal Rabbayim in Minneapolis, Rabbi Greenberg and the Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Gibber. Baruch HaShem…I’m leaving Iowa (hopefully) tomorrow.


Zeva Rochel bas Chaya

Wendy Runge

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Congratulations and much hatzlocha to you getting back to normal. Accepting a favorable plea bargain is often the most logical decision you can make considering the risks of a trial and is a victory.

  2. This is the most positive exclamation that could be possible. The lady admits that a mistake may have happened and is ready to take responsibility while at the same time the prosecution is dropping all charges of thievery, etc. Wendy Runge, I am proud of you and your fighting and handling your defense. May Heaven bestow upon you and your family every possible blessing that is G-d’s basket of berachos. You earned it and you deserve it. Thank you !!!!!

  3. Thank youu matzav for constantly keeping us up to date on the case. I didn’t see anywhere else in the frum media this case being covered, so thank you for your website


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