A Purim “Tea Party” Revolution By R’ Yitzy and Mrs. Chany Eckstein

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purim1A message from R’ Yitzy and Mrs. Chany Eckstein:

We have all seen the Hatzolah ads asking parents and yeshivos to give the real message of simchas Purim. Bochurim should have a meaningful memory of each Purim.                      

Last year, on Purim night, a mini-revolution happened.

A group of special baalei batim sponsored yeshiva bochurim to sit and learn for two hours on Purim night instead of walking the streets collecting. It was an amazing success. The sponsored money went to the bochur‘s tzedakah of choice. The bais medrash boomed with a kol Torah, certainly in the spirit of kimu vekiblu.

What does simchas Purim mean? For a young child it means special fun. It’s all about the simcha of dressing up, delivering mishloach manos and seudas Purim. As children grow older, they look to make the day more meaningful – a real yom k’Purim.

In today’s turbulent times, with the world in such turmoil, our strongest zechus is limud haTorah.

Would you be interested in promoting this revolution? If the answer is yes, then let’s start a ‘tea party’ revolution and sponsor a bochur by clicking on the following link:  https://www.jewishboxoffice.com/ch/purimlearning.

 With your kind donation, you will be creating a double zechus. The money will go to a tzedakah and a bochur will learn in your zechus for two hours on Purim at night.

 Be’ezras Hashem, we are trying to collect at least $50k. The first $20k will be distributed to the bochurim and the remaining amount will be divided between the hosting yeshiva and the local aniyim. If we get more than $50k, the rest will added to bochurim‘s tzedakah.

 This project is being arranged R’ Yitzy and Mrs. Chany Eckstein of Kensington, Brooklyn l’illui nishmas their dear son, 19-year-old Yeshaya Dov Eckstein z”l, who was niftar earlier in the year.

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  1. This is a beautiful zechus.
    I would also say, that anyone reading this who will not be involved in this endeavor – or even those who will, but still have the rest of Purim to experience – should commit to making sure that whatever form the simcha of his simchas Purim will take should be one that will bring nachas to HKB”H.

  2. Great Idea !

    I wish this idea around in my days.

    I heard they an inspiring Simchas Purim afterwards to celebrate their accomplishment.

    What a meaningful Purim it must be


  3. Our bachurim have few outlets. They look forward to the merriment of Purim with all the dancing and singing it includes.

    Gedolei Yisroel, from Rav Aharon Kotler Zt’l and on through to today’s leading Roshei Yeshiva, have used the Purim “break” as an opportunity to instill in our youth a sense of achrayus for fellow Jews in need. On this day when all yidden give tzedaka generously, the talmidim of our Yeshivos are organized in to groups to raise money for tzedaka.

    They have a great time, the tzedakos get a much needed boost, the homes where the bachurim arrive are injected with a dose of Purim spirit and above all, the boys themselves taste the flavor of doing something for others.

    Yes, there are wild boys who will mar the spirit of the day with their unrestrained behavior. But for the most part the boys who are under the supervision of their Yeshivos will act responsibly.

    The many Yeshivos that conduct traditional Purim campaigns for P’eylim / Lev L’Achim, have strict rules. The boys are not wasting money indulging their fantasies in stretch limousines or by cavorting about in expensive rented costumes. They spend a wholesome evening collecting tzedaka and go on to have a meaningful Purim bolstered by the chizuk their succesful fundraising effort has provided to them.

    So lets stop looking for ways to restrict our bachurim and focus instead on doing things the way our Gedolei Yisroel meant for it to be done. Restrict underage boys from excesses and ensure that there is supervision, but don’t simply Assur that which contains so much good.

    My heart goes out to the sponsors of this concept who suffered such a great loss. May they know only of simchos in the future. But with all due respect, please leave chinuch to the mechanchim. Perhaps they will suggest doing a program for high school boys who are not under the direction of their Yeshivos on Purim.

  4. Dear comment 4:

    NObody is suggesting to restrict our bochurim in any way.

    This is a strictly VOLUNTARY program for those bochurim who desire to participate. It was arranged through the auspices of the very same Mechanchim you (and I) venerate. The program is for Purim night, the Bochurim do go “Grouping” during the day and have their “Break”.

    The funds raised through this program are on par with what the average Bochur raises on a purim night. ($250 per Bochur * 5-8 in a group = $1250-$2000) I cannot see how choosing a method of raising these funds that has productive side benefits fails to contribute to the development of a sense of achrayus to the Klal. On the contrary, they both benefiting the Klal through fundraising and Zechus Hatorah.

    As #3 Bernie mentioned, the Bochurim followed their Seder with a very festive Simchas Purim enhanced by the feeling of accomplishment of having learned and raised funds for Tzedakah, Aniyim, and their Yeshivah.

    Regarding Achrayus for the Klal, I knew Yeshayhu Dov Z”l personally. As a young boy of 19 he carried his friends, family, neighborhood and Yeshivah on his young but able shoulders. Without having been there I am sure it was he who set the table for that Simchas Purim celebration.

    This Program was in place last year and was extremely successful. Yeshayahu Dov Eckstien Z”L had related to me the details of this program with great excitement last year and I am sure that he was looking forward to participating again this year.

    It is most appropriate that this successful program is being perpetuated in his name.

    Can we start a pledge list?

  5. This is an inspired idea. Perhaps it would be better to omit the “tea party” from the name, to shed the political baggage associated with it.


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