Abe Foxman the Latest to Make Outrageous Trump=Hitler Comparison

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Abe Foxman is the latest to make the ridiculous analogy between Donald Trump and masss murdered Adolf Hitler yemach shemom.

The former head of the Anti-Defamation League – a Holocaust survivor himself – lashed out against Trump for asking his audience at a rally in Orlando, Florida, this past Shabbos to raise their right hands and pledge support to him.

Foxman, in an obvious comparison to the man responsible for the extermination of 6 million Jews, said that it was a “fascist gesture” that directly invoked Nazi salutes.

“As a Jew who survived the Holocaust, to see an audience of thousands of people raising their hands in what looks like the ‘Heil Hitler’ salute is about as offensive, obnoxious and disgusting as anything I thought I would ever witness in the United States of America,” Foxman said in a Times of Israel interview.

The GOP frontrunner had been asking the audience to repeat after him: “I do solemnly swear that I—no matter how I feel, no matter what the conditions, if there’s hurricanes or whatever—will vote, on or before the 12th for Donald J. Trump for president.”

Pictures of the event showed the audience with their right arms raised.

“It is a fascist gesture,” Foxman said. “He is smart enough— he always tells us how smart he is—to know the images that this evokes. Instead of asking his audience to pledge allegiance to the United States of America, which in itself would be a little bizarre, he’s asking them to swear allegiance to him.”


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  1. Foxman is a dangerous lunatic. Regardless of whether you like Trump or not, to compare the 2, is outrageous. I say we should start a movement to have Mr. Foxman ousted from his cushy position. I see the viewers here are silent, but when someone made a statement about the Holocaust which was misconstrued, the readers where flaunting their venom with such brutality. This says a lot about the intelligence level of the Matzav.com viewership and its biased editors. Now of course you’re going to show your maturity and censor my comment, but so be it.

    • Hey senile Abe. I am a Past President of the Graphic Arts Chapterof B’nai Brith in NY. Also a founding Member.
      I can recall being in your office many times over the years. We held our meeting in your building. Do you find it as disturbing the Black hands in the air by those people. Have you ever spoken out against it. I am sure at many other type of group gathers, that type of hand in the air is used to express a variety of things ie: sporting events, union meetings, etc. I do not support your comment about President Trump. I am also a Past President of two shuls, Past President of 3 Men’s Clubs, been at several civil rights rallies on the Washington mall. I have been involved in many other Jewish projects over the years. Mr Foxman, this is one Jewish family you do not speak for, as well as many other Jews In America. You should be pointing your comments at President Obama, Sec Kerry, Soros, and many other public Anti-Semites in the pubic eye. You are a big name, and I think you have tarnished it with your negative comments about President Trump.

  2. To keep it simple, Trump isn’t Hitler, but he’s a copy of what made Hitler successfully and allowed for the murder of 6,000,000 Jews. If the editor of this story studied Hitlers rise to power, he would realize that the similarities are extremely scary. Like most Trump related tidbits, things are said with emotion and not reason. Study history and you will be freaked out.
    (This is all besides for the fact that in the above story, no Trump-Hitler comparison was made. There were however, many people who have made that comparison.)

  3. Anything that Foxman the Leftist says is generally the opposite of the truth and wrong.

    All these hysterical comparisons of Trump to Hitler is just panicked Democrat nonsense to scare away the decent voters who would upset their gravy train of all the moochers and Radicals that are running the country ragged right now.

  4. Abe Foxman is the latest to make the ridiculous analogy between Donald Trump and masss murdered Adolf Hitler yemach shemom.

    Shemom? You mean both Hitler and Trump?


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