Killer Levi Formally Charged, Attorney Says He Hears Voices


levi-aron1The 35-year-old hardware store clerk accused of abducting 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky off the street and killing him before cutting up his body has been formally charged as police revealed more troubling details about the crime.

Levi Aron entered no plea today to charges of first-degree murder and kidnapping, and was ordered held without bail. He is accused of snatching Leiby on Monday and taking him to his apartment, where police say he suffocated and dismembered him.

His attorney, Pierre Bazile, said Aron hears voices and has hallucinations. A psychiatric exam was ordered.

“His demeanor is not good,” Bazile said, adding his condolences to the boy’s family.

As Aron was led into and out of the courtroom, other prisoners awaiting arraignment at the courthouse could be heard jeering and yelling at him.

Aron wrote in a confession obtained by NBC New York that: “I understand this may be wrong and I’m sorry for the hurt that I have caused.”

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that Aron has shown “no remorse,” at times giggling when speaking with investigators.

Kelly said the boy appeared to have defensive wounds, which leads investigators to believe he fought back when he was being smothered to death.

Aron had told police in his confession that he let the boy sleep while he went to work on Tuesday, but Kelly said the child appeared to have been restrained. Officials think he might have been tied up in the apartment while Aron went to work.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said investigators are poring over Aron’s computer and looking into whether he approached other children in New York and Memphis, Tenn., where he briefly lived.

{NY Post/NBC NY/ Newscenter}


  1. Police need to investigate the unknown death of the sister and mother of Levi Aron. The truth never came out regarding the death af these two people a few years ago. They claimed the sister was crazy. Maybe she became crazy after the years of abuse from Levi and the father Jack. I implore the FBI and Police to investigate the Father, & Uncle. I also know that after Levi’s mother died, the Aunt moved into the East 2nd street house where the murder occured. Two years ago, she had a nervous breakdown & ran to her parents house in Boston. Since that time I was told they were devorced. Things must have been really crazy in that house for her to run away. Abuse runs in the family and people need to be careful and let the full story come out.


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