Ad Calls On Yidden to Visit Kosel at Night

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koselAn ad printed in the Israeli Yated Ne’eman this week calls on Yidden to try to visit the Kosel only in the morning or late at night, because “it is almost impossible to pass through the place without running into an issur of some sort.”

The ad was published by the Rabbinical Transportation Committee.

The ad says, “Throughout the year, the Kosel is visited by a large crowd of visitors from every public sector in Israel, and it is difficult to police the level of modesty in the area.”

In recent months, a special path for men was arranged, allowing men to walk separately from the gate to the Kosel. As expected, some left-wing organizations are fighting the alleged “Chareidization” of the Kosel and protested the path.

The rabbonim also call on those traveling to the Kosel via bus to maintain a separation between men and women, though the Egged bus company has rejected this move. Rabbonim say that the separation is only maintained properly on the 3 bus, which travels from the frum neighborhoods directly to the Kosel. If more people begin to use this line, it is hoped, Egged will increase the number of buses traveling this route.

Rav Shmuel Rabinovitch, rov of the Kosel, said in response to the ad, “I respect the Jews who wish to visit the Kosel in their own way and according to their views, with respect for other views and without offending the mispallelim at the Kosel.”

 “We must look for a way to allow them to visit the davening area at all hours, through understanding of the essence of the makom kadosh,” he added.

 “We are making an effort to preserve the precarious status-quo that exists at the Kosel,” he said, adding that all those who desire to visit the Kosel should be allowed to do so at all hours.

 “We will not achieve this with loud headlines. Only through a profound understanding of the needs of all involved, compromise, and humility will we find a way to accept all who wish to stand before the holy stones that belong to everyone,” he said.

 {Yair Israel}


  1. my memory seems a little weak, please remind if it was Nachal Charedi, or the Netura Karta brigade, or the Mir Yeshiva, that wrested the Old City from Arab hands in 1967, and lost many soldiers in Givat HaTachmoshet, on the way to the Old City.

    Also, who lost many men and women in 1948 battle for the Old City, was it Belz or Toldos Aharon?

  2. Derar Rebbe reb tutz,
    even if the chilonim and goyim fought for it, does it mean we should let this holy place be treated like this.
    how can we permit these women of the wall and other such groups do it?

  3. #2

    Jews everywhere have given their lives for Jerusalem – not just those who fought there in 67.

    Jerusalem and the Kotel belong to all those who wish to visit, and Rav Rabinovitch’s comments about understanding and compromise are right on key.

  4. #2 – what do the chayalim have to do with this article? Have you been to the kotel lately? I understood this article, not to be about the mainstream (secular) Israeli, who, if they are already going to the kotel, will of course recognize, appreciate, and approach it with the fear and awe of which it is due. What about the spectators and tourists who are not really interested in the ruchniyos, but rather the plaza, the experience, and gathering in immodest ways, and actually scoff at the religiousity of the makom? I was there in August, and was aghast at what was clearly cynicism and disrespect for all that we hold dear in the plaza behind the gates of the kotel. This is a new phenomenon – even last year, it did not exist.

  5. #2 I understand what you are trying to say, but we all know that that the miracles that the soldiers in isreal live with every day is IN THE ZECUS OF THE TORAH THAT IS BEING LEARNED AT THE MIR, BELZ,TOLDOS AHRON, NACHAL CHAREDI,NETURA KARTA ETC.BRIGADES!

  6. #2 Do you think it was the might of the israeli army that won any war? Of course we have hakaros hatov to those that risk their lives for us, but know the truth. It was the hand of God. Do you know for each person in Yehoshuas army there was someone learning Torah for his zechus in the beis medrash. This shows us that it isnt the hand of the army rather the zechus of those learning . So yes I think we can say that it was Mir Yeshiva Belz and Toldos aharon and the rest of us that are learning that won back the old city.

    Also no matter who you think won the wars the point here is who built the Kosel and for whom was it built and what does it represent.

  7. I find it strange- that although throughout the entire world, religious or secular- there are all sorts of demanding dress-codes, and yes segragation, at our Kosel Ma’aravi, the place of ultimate Kedusha- the fact which makes it an “attraction,” any sort of proper restriction becomes demeaning!

    If you are a guest of the president in the US capital during a State Of The Union Address, you must dress in formal attire. – Seemingly that is a prerequisite during any formal meeting with the pope- unless you are an ordained member of that faith’s religion- whence you must dress religiously.

    Of course if Pilgrimage to Mecca, there are furiously Stringent requirements as well….

    Needless to say in the sports world; even spectators are usually found in the proper attire- try swimming in your Shabbos suit…

    As for the segregation thingy- one accepted mundane area jumps forthright to mind. Please excuse if it is unseemingly ugly…. and a very bad parallel- but in any case…

    L’Havdil – Why where seperate Bathrooms are found for men and seperate for woman- does the human race automatically and Instinctively treck to the proper area without thinking twice-

    Just some thoughts-

  8. To Comment #2, “rebbe reb tzutz”

    “Sarcasm is the crutch of the fool”

    It may surprise you to know that there are many members of the groups you mentioned (well, maybe with the exception of Neturei Karta),who appreciate and admire the bravery and literal “Mesirat Nefesh” of the soldiers you alluded to in your comment; but who understand, as apparently you don’t, that those who fought for the Old City did so not for themselves but for Klal Yisrael, not by themselves but with open miracles from the RSh”O.

    The Kosel does not “belong” to any group, it belongs to G-D. He has allowed us access to it and if Observant Jews choose only to visit at times and in a fashion that is in accord with halakha, they should not be ridiculed for it.

    Your argument is ad hominem , the fact that perhaps not enough credit is given to the IDF by the religous groups you mentioned is a seperate issue and has little to do with the subject of this article.

  9. Well ii CERTAINLY was not the Conservative Jews whose sensibilities are being offended here by being asked to dress appropriately.

  10. rebbe reb tzutz in #2, the very greatest honor and the very greatest Zechus – merit that we can give those soldiers who fought and died in the battles for Yerushalaiyim and the Kosel is by utilizing these places properly and making efforts to prevent there unseemingly behavior, which should not be done anywhere and certainly not at holy places like these.


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