ADL Publishes List of Top Issues Affecting Jews in 2010


netanyahu-abbasThe Anti-Defamation League published its annual list of top issues affecting Jews in 2010 on Monday. Among the top issues were the threat posed by radical Islamic terrorism, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the fallout from the Gaza flotilla affair, the efforts to delegitimize Israel and Middle East peace process.

ADL national director Abraham H. Foxman commented on certain issues saying, “For much of the year there was a glimmer of hope that the Israeli-Palestinian peace process would finally get off the ground, and yet our hopes diminished with each passing week as the parties failed to reach a consensus and the settlements issue became a major excuse for the Palestinians.

“Meanwhile, the unrelenting global assault against Israel’s legitimacy continued apace, with calls for divestment and sanctions against the Jewish state and efforts to undermine Israel’s credibility in international forums and at the United Nations.”

ADL’s top 10:

• Mideast Peace Process Drags On
• Despite Stronger Sanctions, Iran Defiant
• Anti-Semitism Still A Potent Force
• Israel Delegitimization Continued Apace
• Jews Targeted for Terror
• Midterm Elections Shake Up Washington
• Human Rights Scorecard Mixed
• Flotilla Affair Sparks Backlash
• Catholic-Jewish Relations Tested
• Bullies & Anti-Semites Proliferate Online



  1. This is such nonsense. The real list of top issues affecting Jews is MUCH shorter.

    The Top Three Issues Affecting Jew.
    1. Idol Worship
    2. Lashon Hara (evil speech)
    3. Immorality.

    These are the same issues the Moses warned us about and we have never overcome them. Every one of our problems come for these three issues.

  2. Interesting to note that every single item on the list is either about the goyim, or the way we relate to them or they relate to us. Not one bit of self introspection necessary. Yes, anti-Semitism affects us. So does terror and Iran. But I would say that Jewish education, Kedushas Am Yisroel, etc, should at least, make the top 10!

  3. How about the ADL’s egregious anti-semitism, and their overt anti-Judaism, which attacks R’Ovadia Yosef, R’ Yehuda Levin, and the Yesha rabbonim.


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