ADL: ‘Wrong’ To Compare Holocaust To Ban On Unvaxxed Children

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Anti-vaccination activists are using the yellow Star of David that Nazis forced Jews to wear during World War II to promote their cause.

Activists are using a star that has the words “No Vax” in Hebrew-stylized letters on social media, while others are wearing yellow stars at events, according to a Friday report by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Del Bigtree, CEO of the anti-vaccination group ICAN, wore a yellow star last week at a rally in Austin, Texas, and activists in suburban New York’s Rockland County likened a ban on unvaccinated children in public spaces to combat a measles outbreak to Nazi treatment of Jews, The Washington Post reported.

“It is simply wrong to compare the plight of Jews during the Holocaust to that of anti-vaxxers,” Jonathan Greenblatt, the group’s national director, told the Post. “Groups advancing a political or social agenda should be able to assert their ideas without trivializing the memory of the 6 million Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust.”

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  1. Greenblatt is an ignoramus who’s more concerned about the “feelings” of Muslims, more than fellow Jews. Forcing taxpayers to vaccinate against their will is no different than certain things that were going on in Germany in the 1930’s. They exterminated the handicap and infirm. They didn’t fit into the perfect Aryan nation. These pro vaxxers who encourage the government to meddle in private citizens lives, are making a major mistake, as it will spiral out of control as we see with bris mila and curriculum in our Yeshiva’s.

    • Are you trying to tell us that the rich and powerful, in terms of the vast majority (excluding a few publicity seeking media types) do NOT vaccinate their own children and vaccinate only other’s children? Or, are you telling us that the rich and powerful in 1930’s Germany (in the vast majority) sent their own children to extermination ?

  2. @lets not rewrite history, do you know that those who choose to not vax are harming lots of new born babies that are at risk and pregnant women and elderly and children that are immunosuppresents? i have such a child that had to take chemo type of medication because of auto immune disease. to be terrified to leave your house because of others decisions is a very scary world for a young child who has to go through such a horrible disease. dont you have compassion as a jew to another one? forget about the rest of the world how about so many people the same as my daughter? why dont all anti vaxers caring about your fellow jews? why do you use every excuse to get out of helping me and my daughter and countless of people? i thought that be a yid means caring about each other, yeahavta lireacha kamocha. what happend to that? instead you use yellow stars instead of being there to protect peoplel lik emy daughter. you are willing to be the rotzeach and be the one to kill her chas vesholom. do you realize how serious this is? yes if she is immuno suppresed and contracts this disease she will be dead in a very short time. there will be nothing anyone can do at that time. why dont you have rachmanus?

    • We can’t make the whole world suffer because of one individual. If there is a serious issue, then one shouldn’t live in such a heavy populated congested area. Move to a remote place.

    • Jane, YOU’RE GETTING IT ALL WRONG! It’s because of ignorant people like you that they keep forcing these fatal injections onto the people. Do some research.

      For your information, mothers who contracted actual measles – a normal safe childhood disease as children, would have been immune for the rest of their lives and so would their babies until they’re about 2! And you wouldn’t have had to worry about your baby getting the measles. Because of your foolishness, the entire world does not have to ch”v put their children at risk.

      BESIDES, vaccination – as has been proven – does not help much because it does NOT give one immunity for life. We see that ALLLLLLLLLLL adults who recently got the measles were vaccinated as children. But now, as adults, they’re in danger. There hasn’t been any report of children dying from measles before these vaccinations came into the being.

      We must fight to put an end to the MMR vaccination.

      • First, it is not true that those who have contracted measles are necessarily immune for the rest of their lives. Any number of known and unknown causes compromise an immune system, and then all immunity (whether natural from having survived measles to immunity by vaccination) are worthless.

        And just to point out your “And you wouldn’t have had to worry about your baby getting the measles” completely contradicts the other anti-vaxer who point out allegedly the opposite, namely, that before vaccines everyone had the measles (the mother when she was an infant and her own infants) which allegedly showed how allegedly “safe” and “common” it was.

        • I don’t know where you get your information from. But the fact is that it is 100% true that one who has contracted measles – not the measles that you can get from the vaccination, but the actual measles – is immune for life. Which is why you will not find an elderly person over 53 with measles. Very, very rarely can anyone lose their immunity. I never heard of anyone.

          Regarding your 2nd point, you misunderstood Sue. She’s is talking about “babies” “newborns” not infants. Mothers pass on their immunity to their “newborn babies”. Once they are a bit older, infants, they’re not immune to their mother’s immunity anymore and will contract the measles.

        • kids under age 1 did not get measles before vaccines came out, because they got the immunity from their mothers (who had the measles as a child). with all the vaccines nowadays, this protection has left us.

        • before vaccines came out, no one got the measles as infants. All babies were protected through their mother’s immunity for the first year of life.d (the mother’s had measles as a child (not infant) and is immune, and passed it onto the child at birth) >nowadays, this natural protection is lost, BECAUSE of the vaccine.

    • I feel for you and your daughter. May she have a refuah shlaimah. There are many people out there carrying many diseases, not only the vaccine preventable ones.

  3. To Jane, i dont have to put my children at risk of autism and death,see mmr vaccine insert, to protect your child

    • The “unvaxed” include those too young to be vaccinated, such as babies. I am glad to see that you agree that anti-vaxers are endangering babies.

      • Newborn nursing babies are 100% immune if their mothers contracted the actual measles – not the measles after being vaccinated.

      • before vaccines, babies had natural immunity for the first year of life passed on throuigh their mothers who had natural immunity bec. they had the measles as a child.

  4. That vaccines do not cause autism . You are all relying on junk science you don’t want to vaccinate fine. Move away to your own communities don’t attend our Shule our simchas our schools. Don’t put my newborn babies at risk from your stupidy.

  5. There is only one small comment on this article that said anything about autism. (the autism/vaccine link is an entirely different discussion that we are not talking about here) Can you show us that the fact that newborns don’t have immunity to the measles anymore BECAUSE of the vaccines is misproven? That is the main gist of this discussion. (by the way, I am also a bubby! Bubbies Unite!!)

  6. They don’t have immunity because they are too young for the shot and are in great danger if they do get the measles. why would I want to unite with an anti Vaxxers you are all proven quacks and misfits.

    • Exactly. as I said before ” newborns don’t have immunity to the measles anymore BECAUSE of the vaccines” .Before the vaccines , all newborns were immune through their mother’s antibodies for at least the first year of life. Seems to show that vaccines are harming people instead of helping them. We should unite because we are Bubbies and want what is best for our grandchildren, whatever our feelings on vaccines are.


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