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matzav logoWith its new, sharp look, continues to serve as the worldwide leading Torah community news site on the Web. As we continue to upgrade and enhance your reading experience, we owe our gratitude to you, our loyal readers, for allowing this site to flourish and bring about positivity and kiddush Hashem each day while providing the global frum community with news, insight and updates from throughout the frum world.

It is to the credit of our readers that we’ve become an established and reliable name in online Jewish news reporting. We thank you for recognizing our professionalism and integrity, and we endeavor to respond in kind by continuing to provide thought-provoking and informative news and dialogue.

With Shavuos here, we are offering special rates for advertisers. Those who have advertised with Matzav in the past have seen unparalleled results. Because readers of Matzav trust the site and its content, it has become a tremendous advertising tool for the frum business or organization. You do not want to pass up on the advertising opportunities we are making available now for a limited number of businesses.

Contact the Matzav Advertising Department to discuss ads and email blasts, and to work out an arrangement that is best for your company.

For more information, contact at and let us tailor an ad campaign for you.

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  1. The look is sharp, but a few things could use improvement:
    1) The comment font, including this one, is so narrow that it’s difficult to read.
    2) The “Comments” and “Read More” links under article summaries are in a light-brown and narrow font that’s also difficult to read.
    3) The link to older articles from the main page is missed.

    So as not to post a complaints-only comment, let me not that I enjoy your site’s articles and appreciate the effort that goes into providing this information at no cost to readers. Have a gut Shabbos.


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