Ah Geshmak: No Jackets Necessary As Temps Rise In New York City

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bochurim-learningSpring has sprung!

The start of the work week brought sunshine and warm temperatures with an expected high of 69 in midtown Manhattan.

“We’re actually flirting with 70,” CBS 2′s John Elliott reported. “If we hit 69, that’s the normal high for the 12th of May. We’re jumping over a month ahead…The last time we reached 69 was October 20.”

The early April warm up was a welcome change for many residents on the Upper West Side, but not everyone was ready to ditch their winter gear Monday morning.

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  1. ahhh:

    now lets see how much we can thank Hashem for doing this-& so much more non-stop-with truth & sincerity. i.e. from our hearts with feeling versus just davening & saying words.

    mashal:If you helped a friend-stuck on the highway-fix his car & he just said the word thanks with no feeling or sign of true appreciation how would YOU feel?.

    lets see if we can work on our davening & what the words mean-that we say 3 times a day.

  2. Your headline is misleading. A Ben Torah always goes with his hat & jacket regardles of the weather conditions. The non changing of the livush is one of the 3 reasons Kllal Yisroel was zoche to get out of Mitzrayim.

  3. I would like to know which Achim staff member posted this picture at the “first seder” tables?

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