American Civil War 150th Anniversary Marked This Week


american-civil-warThe opening salvo of the American Civil War will be recreated in the harbor of Charleston, S.C., as part of events marking this week’s 150th anniversary of the start of the conflict.

The island stronghold Fort Sumter will be the focus. Part of the National Park Service, events can go ahead there now that a federal government shutdown was averted.

Concerts on Monday evening and before dawn Tuesday will precede a morning recreation of the first canon shot fired at the fort. Confederate forces demanded that a Union garrison surrender the fort and bombarded it on April 12, 1861. Union forces later surrendered.

A cannon will fire every 15 minutes Tuesday, with another bombardment Tuesday evening. Union re-enactors are in the fort and Confederate re-enactors ring the harbor.

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  1. The time in the United States from 1866 to 1885 were economically exceptional. The Civil War led to an extraordinary period of growth that changed the world forever. How many Jews left Europe and landed in America after that time ? Where did Golda Meir raise most of her money ? The State of Israel owes Abraham Lincoln a great debt of gratitude. G-d’s long-term planning is amazing.


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