American Red Cross Apologizes for ‘Racist’ Poster

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The American Red Cross is apologizing for a pool safety poster it produced that was widely panned and criticized as racist. The Red Cross has said it would no longer make or distribute the poster, which shows children of color committing rule violations while the white kids are commended for following the rules.

“We deeply apologize for any misunderstanding, as it was absolutely not our intent to offend anyone,” the organization said in a statement. “Going forward, we are developing more appropriate materials that are more representative of our workforce and the communities we serve.” Read more at the Austin American-Statesman.



  1. Aha. So only white folks are allowed to be made into the villain? Why when they make movies, they make a couple of black men to be the gangsters in a slum crime ridden neighborhood?

  2. If this is what it comes to, the poster should have alien-looking children, eg with green or blue skin. It’s about safety, not about politics and melanine colour shades. Even more important I think the poster should remark that safety correlates to swimming ability. Perhaps a skilled swimmer does “dangerous” feats and enjoys, this does not mean we can do the same. And for an absolute beginner or a very insecure person, even activities that are labeled “safe” should be taken with a grain of salt. Life and health are our most precious belongings.


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