Amusing: Iran To Establish ‘Islamic Nobel Prize’ For Scientists


iranian-vice-president-for-science-and-technology-nasrin-soltankhahIran announced on Shabbos that it plans to award Nobel-like science and technology prizes to selected Muslim scientists, Iran’s Fars news agency reported.

Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Nasrin Soltankhah said the Iranian government plans to grant a Nobel-like prize to selected Muslim scientists in a bid to encourage Muslim world scholars to promote and elevate their works and prepare them for “tighter and harder rivalries at global levels, like the Nobel Prize,” Fars reported.

Iran has only one Nobel Prize winner, Shirin Ebadi, awarded the prize for peace in 2003.

Among the world’s 49 Muslim-majority countries, Nobel prizes have been won by Egypt (two for peace, one for chemistry, one for literature), Pakistan (one for physics), Bangladesh (two for peace), the Palestinian Authority (one for peace), Turkey (one for literature) and Yemen (one for peace).

Soltankhah said the Iranian biennial award would be called the “Great Prophet World Prize,” and the move was meant to promote rivalry among the Muslim world’s researchers and scientists.

“The prize will be granted biennially to the Muslim world scientists in three technological fields in which Iran has also made outstanding progress,” she added.

Fars reported that “Iran has made huge achievements in various fields of science and technology, from nuclear knowledge to stem cell and medicine production as well as nanotechnology.”

Iranian Health Minister Marziyeh Vahid Dastjerdi announced in August that Iran is now able to synthesize 15 kinds of radiomedicines inside the country, stressing that the achievement resulted from efforts made by the country’s nuclear scientists.

“Due to the efforts made by the Iranian scientists and the nuclear scientists martyred (by the enemies), we have 15 radiomedicines in our country which are vital for providing diagnosis and treatment services to the patients, specially cancerous patients,” she said in a ceremony in Tehran at the time, according to Fars.

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  1. Dear Muslim scientists
    first of all, I think it is insulting that the prize will be biennial: are the proposers afraid they will run out of candidates? I would never dare suggesting so.
    I have a question about the inclusion criteria. The article says, unless it is zionist antiiranian propaganda, that the prize is reserved to Muslim scholars only. Will atheists with a muslim father qualify? Will Alawites be included, assuming the ongoing bloodshed spares the academics? What about westerners who have converted to Islam as adults? Will they be eligible even for research they did earlier, ie when they were xians? Will this help solve problem #1? Inquiring minds are curious.

  2. They are in reality stealing all the technology they claim to themselfs from the americans europeans asians what a bunch of morons theese iranian bums

  3. #1 you forgot Ahmadis, one of them (Prof Salam) received the physics nobel prize. He was a devout man and wanted his tombstone to read “First Muslim Nobel Prize”. The courts of Pakistan ruled the word “Muslim” had to be erased.

  4. World needs Iran to make all big steps that others dare to do….I wanna congratulate and salute Iran for being such wise in making that step to introduce a new award for those of real talent and excellence and to break down the tyranny of the noble prize committee.
    Noble prize committee has lost its credibility after awarding EU with noble peace prize…now it’s nothing but a group of opportunistic people who are using its reputation to protect their evil interest and to bring out debate over already disputed issues.


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