Ancient Graves Found at Ben Gurion Airport May Halt Renovations


ben-gurionThere is an effort underway to halt renovation work on Ben Gurion International Airport runways after the Israel Antiquities Authority discovered ancient kevorim at the site.

“Disorder in the area of the runways, or even close by, could disrupt flights to Israel,” an airline industry source said. “No airline will fly to an airport where there is violent disorder.”

Renovation and widening work was recently begun on the runways to improve safety. One runway was due to be lengthened, which would enable one runway to be designated for takeoff and the other for landing.

A few days ago, Antiquities Authority workers discovered the ancient kevorim at the site of the renovations.

Initial “investigations” – by those affiliated with the airport – suggest that the newly discovered graves are not Jewish. Who is overseeing these “investigations” is unclear.

The site of the graves was to be included in the renovation work only in the second stage, in over a year’s time. Nonetheless, some are demanding the work be halted now, for fear of harming the graves. The Airports Authority is investing some NIS 800 million ($210 million) into the renovation and extension works.

This site is within the “sterile” area of the airport, protected by a security fence and armed patrols.

The Airports Authority held an emergency meeting Wednesday, with the participation of Chairman Ovadia Ali and Director-General Kobi Mor. Various solutions were discussed in case there are those who insist that work be completely halted on the site.

{Ynet, Newscenter}


  1. I was under the impression that if the public needed certain access it is permissible to move graves. Obviously I’m somewhat mistaken but if any one could clarify I’d appreciate it.

  2. A country needs an airport that is updated, safe and secure. EVERYWHERE in Israel are kevarim, even where we camp and run around (the parks for example)


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