Ann Coulter: Trump Will Have ‘No Legacy Whatsoever’ Without Wall

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Ann Coulter did not react well to the news that President Donald Trump had caved on his promise to shut down the government unless he got funding for his promised border wall. In a new interview with The Daily Caller, the author of In Trump We Trust said, “Either Trump never intended to build a wall and was scamming voters from the beginning or he hasn’t the first idea in how to get it done and no interest in finding out.”

She went on to predict that “his support will evaporate and Trump will very likely not finish his term and definitely not be elected to a second term.” In the end, Coulter declared that without his wall, “Trump will just have been a joke presidency who scammed the American people, amused the populists for a while, but he’ll have no legacy whatsoever.” Read more at TPM.



  1. No legacy whatsoever without wall? Is she normal? Trump’s list includes 289 accomplishment in just 20 months unlike any other previous President, according to the Washington Examiner.

  2. Even if he builds the wall , he still will have no legacy.
    The next democratic president, with the support of a majority of Americans. will tear down the wall . He will be able to suffer watching this happen sitting in his jail cell with the rest of his administration

    • There’s no such thing as a Democratic president with the support of a majority of Americans. Democrats do not have a majority of anything. The past few Democratic president have never won the majority of the population. It was the CIA who INSTALLED their representatives as leaders. It didn’t work for them for Trump because the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS (81%) voted for him and they couldn’t adjust it to their representative even with all their frauds.

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