“ANTISEMITIC CRISIS”: Hate Crimes In New York Double From Last Year


The number of hate crimes reported to the New York Police Department this year is nearly double the number reported in 2018 during the same period – and most incidents are antisemitic.

Anti-Defamation League National Director Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted that 59 percent of the complaints were antisemitic hate crimes, to 103 from 50 reported incidents in the same period last year.

Council Speaker Corey Johnson told The Wall Street Journal, “We have an anti-Semitism crisis in New York. It’s a national problem, but New York accounts for way too many incidents.”

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  1. Why can’t Corey Johnson contact recently elected Democrat, Letitia James, to see what she can do to stem the tide?

  2. The rise in anti-Semitism in NY and the US in general, as well as worldwide is due to their hatred of President Trump, the World Leader, the one who wants to bring law and morality back to the world. The haters of President Trump hate anything and anybody that have any connection to him. Accordingly, they hate G-d because Trump is a strong believer in Him, which makes them hate, G-d’s Chosen People, the Jews, even more today. Hence, their claim that Trump is Jewish.

    Anti-Semitism will only stop once the swamp will be drained from the Deep State and Democrats/RINOs haters and Mainstream’s Fake News with their daily conspiracies and propaganda will be eradicated.


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