ANYONE SURPRISED? Americans’ Trust In Media Drops To Almost Record Low In New Survey

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A new Gallup survey finds Americans’ trust in the media to accurately and fairly report the news is almost as low as it’s ever been.

Just 36 percent responded they had a “great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in print, TV, and radio reporting, with only seven percent answering the former in the poll. It was the second-lowest number in the Gallup question’s history, only finishing above the 32-percent mark from 2016, when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

Americans’ haven’t expressed majority faith in the press in the Gallup survey since 2003. It continued a downward slide since trust rose to 45 percent in 2018, the second year of the Trump administration.

The drop coincides with a fall among independents, with just 31 percent expressing a great or fair amount of trust in the media, down from 42 percent in 2018 and 36 percent last year.

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  1. Including chareidi media. People are b”H waking up. Which is exactly what President Trump is waiting for in order to shut down all maintream media fake news and begin the EBS.

  2. Despite my personal conservative, pro-Republican leanings, I don’t enjoy Fox and Newsmax slanting the news to match that perspective – if I want an opinion I’ll go to the editorial page. Kal vechomer to CNN, MSNBC and the overwhelming number of left-leaning news sites who have made it their life’s mission to hammer away with the “monstrous evils” of the Republican party and Donald Trump to the great unwashed in seemingly every single “news” article they publish.

    • Fox and Newsmax are conservative pro-republican??? This is also mainstream propaganda. I noticed it and said it from the beginning that Newsmax is junk news no different than CNN, MSNBC, AP and The Hill. Fox is not much better, although there are 1 or 2 guys like Tucker Carlson who’s conservative. The others are no better than the left media. They’re all the same lying news brainwashing the sheeple. The sheeple need to use some brains of their own to come to the conclusion that mainstream media cannot be trusted.

  3. Once major networks assigned the news division to the entertainment division any trust should have eroded. Now, the news tries to be influencers, the networks should replace the entirety of their news teams with Instagram accounts (maybe they did, I don’t watch the news). It’s not your Daddy’s nightly news anymore, and newspapers are even more pitiful.

  4. It’s the same thing with sports. In the old days we used to be able to relax by tuning in to the NFL or NBA to get our minds off of the poisoned news cycle. But even that’s completely tainted and baised. Every end zone or goal post has a black lives matter mural on it. Every football helmet has racial justice or some other nonsense. Then we have to watch as some multi millionaire primadonna kneel’s during the National Anthem to show how “angry” he is with this racist country. A pox on both their houses.


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