Arab NGO: End Pesach Ban On Chometzdike Products In Hospitals

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Arab anti-Zionist NGO Adalah based in Israel and funded by the EU, said it plans to file a legal appeal protesting a ban on bringing chomitzdike products into Israeli hospitals during Pesach.

In a statement Thursday, Adalah – which call itself ‘The Legal Center for Arab It Minority Rights in Israel’- and which does not believe there should be a Jewish state, said the ban forces Arab Israelis to adhere to halacha, which forbids the consumption of leavened bread during the Yom Tov. Adalah said it is the third consecutive year that the organization has sought to overturn the ban.

The Israeli daily Haaretz also reported Thursday that for the first time in years, the Jerusalem municipality is enforcing the law against the public display of leavened bread during Pesach, a sign of the growth in the number of people adhering to tradition. According to Haaretz, city authorities confiscated bread products from one vendor near Shaar Yaffo in Yerushalayim’s Old City and prevented others from selling their goods. Read at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Firstly dear editor, please remove the picture at the head of the article. It is Pesach!
    As for the arab objection in how the Jewish hospitals in the Jewish state conduct themselves on the Jewish holiday! PLOTZ!
    Be thankful, you arab killers, that we welcome you into our hospitals. We really shouldn’t! As the saying goes, ” don’t bute the hand that feeds you!”

  2. What Chutzpah!!! If the arabs don’t like the way they’re treated in Israeli Hospitals, don’t come to these hospitals. Go to your own arab hospitals.


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