Are Orthodox Jewish Marriages Any Happier? Revealing Results of OU Survey To Be Announced at Press Conference

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engagement-ringFrom January 15-March 31, 2009, the Orthodox Union Department of Community Services conducted an online Marriage Satisfaction Survey. The survey received responses from around the country on its website,, resulting in the largest survey of Orthodox Jewish marriages ever conducted.

The project of the Orthodox Union was conducted in conjunction with the Aleinu Family Resource Center, a program of Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles and the Rabbinical Council of California, which developed and conducted an initial survey in March, 2008.

Now, after an extended and thorough process of analysis and evaluation, the Orthodox Union will reveal the findings to determine the level of marital satisfaction in its community. The OU for years has had a priority of strengthening the Jewish family. It does so, in great part, through programs such as “Positive Jewish Marriages” and “Positive Jewish Parenting,” which are presented to large audiences around North America under the direction of Frank Buchweitz, OU Director of Community Services and Special Projects.
OU Executive Vice President Rabbi Steven Weil declared, “The survey provided the tools to help the Orthodox Union gather information leading to a greater knowledge of and overview of the issues that are impacting upon marriage today. This information will help us develop programs and strategies as the Orthodox Union continues to be responsive to the needs of our communities and families.”

The Aleinu Marital Satisfaction Survey expanded the number of questions for 2009, broadening the original survey of 2008. In addition to the original items assessing marriage satisfaction, the impact upon marriage from additional factors – including at-risk children, infertility and birth control – were studied as well as issues pertaining to premarital counseling effects on marriage satisfaction.

The raw data was collected by OTX, a California institute of the behavioral sciences, and analyzed and interpreted by:
· Dr. David Pelcovitz, Straus Professor of Psychology and Education at the Azrieli Graduate School of Yeshiva University; · Dr. Eliezer Schnall, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology at Yeshiva College of Yeshiva University; and · Debbie Fox, LCSW, Director of Aleinu Family Resource Center, and author of the Aleinu Marital Satisfaction Survey. Speakers at the press conference will include Rabbi Weil, Frank Buchweitz, Dr. Pelcovitz, Dr. Schnall and Mrs. Fox. Media will receive copies of a DVD recorded at OU headquarters, when the analysts first presented their findings in closed session preparatory to the press conference. Media will also receive a Power Point presentation of the statistical analysis of the survey.

Survey coordinator Frank Buchweitz declared at that meeting, “We are proud that the Orthodox Union has led the way in presenting programs to strengthen the Jewish family, programs which are now being emulated by other Jewish organizations. The OU intends to use the survey results to continue its work of strengthening the Jewish family.”

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  1. Absolutely!

    There was no need for this survey. The Torah planted all the ingredients in a Torah observant marriage to ensure the happiness of all parties. If they are Orthodox, then there undoubtedly is happiness. If there is no happiness, they are not Orthodox.

    Orthodox Jewish men typically receive a yeshiva education wherein they learn how to treat their wife like a queen. What is there not to be happy about?

  2. Wishful thinking my friend (poster # 2) Most yeshivahs teach nothing about marriage. If a guy is lucky he has a Rebbe or a Kollel guy/mentor or Mashgiach…who he is close to and he is able to discuss these topics and gain insight. Otherwise the guys have to read books. The ones who don’t do the above have no education other than what they saw at home. If it was good lucky woman otherwise uchenvey! As for books on marriage there’s a must read book for men called The garden of Peace by Rabbi Shalom Arush translated by R Lazer Brody. Its a must read for every guy out there. Do yourselves the biggest favor and read this book.
    Hatzlacha V’kol Tuv!

  3. How can this survey be a reflection on orthodox marraiges? There are thousands of frum people who don’t know about this poll, and don’t even have internet. At best it’s a poll on those people affiliated with th OU.


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