Ashkenazi: Draft Chareidim into the Army


gabi-ashkenaziThe commander of Israel’s military says chareidi Jews should be drafted into the army. Tens of thousands of chareidim have exemptions to continue their religious studies. The exemptions have long been a sore point in Israeli society.

Army Radio quoted Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi as telling parents of newly drafted soldiers today that “those who do not serve must be made to feel ashamed.”

He said, “The chareidim can also join (the military), and they must be made to do so.”

It was one of the strongest statements on the issue by a serving chief of staff.

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  1. The truth is the army doesn’t really want chareidim in the army daven 3 times a day learn part of the day etc… its all politics besides there’s a nachal chareidi a religious unit plus there are plenty of religious soldiers with beards payis and tzizis on the egged buses and waiting for rides its such a pleasure its all politics plenty of chareidim apply for the army and are rejectedpeople should speak the truth and not politics

  2. Gabi Ashkenazi was saying the emmes. Only that he didn’t finish his thought.

    Part I: Draft the charedim into the army, AND

    Part II: Draft the chilonim into the yeshivos. Then, Moshiach will come.

  3. Why all the noise now about drafting religious people to the army? Israel never wanted them to be in the army. It would be harder to bash them. If they did, 60 years ago Israel could have made the appropriate arrangements for them. The TRUTH is, Israel woke up, and realized that in 10-15 years, there will be a lot more religious people than secular. That is the main force why the army opened up programs more tailored for us. Not for anything else. The bashing will continue, because the are a society void of Hashem.

  4. Shleif is right. He’s leaving the army very soon and wants to build a political career now. Bashing the chareidim is a sure way to get votes.

    Barak became prime minister by promising to draft the chareidim, amongst other things. He did absolutely nothing.

    The army has a quota about how many chareidim they can “afford” to incorporate into their ranks.

    They’d much rather have non-Jewish Russians than frum Jews who will challenge the secular atmosphere and immorality of the coed units.

  5. Wasn’t there a study done a little while back showing how unproductive that would be? Between the new infrastructure needed to accomodate their needs, integraton issues and the fact that the commanders though that it wouldn’t work?

  6. The myth that “chareidim don’t serve in the army” needs to be exposed for what it is, as other commenters have mentioned – when people with a political agenda speak, they deliberately speak as though all chareidi men have a blanket exemption just because they are chareidi which is obviously not true. The word “exemption” is also false advertising. All that we have in EY is a DEFERMENT for divinity students, i.e. men of draft age who are engaged in full-time religious study. Every Western country, at least that I know of, has a deferment for full-time divinity students.

    It’s time to stop fanning the flames with loaded terminology that has no basis in fact.


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