MORE HATE: Attacker Shouts ‘Free Palestine,’ Throws Egg At Jewish Student In Brooklyn

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An attacker threw an egg at a Jewish student outside a Brooklyn Yeshiva and demanded that the student utter the phrase “Free Palestine,” cops said Wednesday. The 15-year-old victim told police he ran into a group of teens in front of 1301 East 18th Street in Midwood and that one of them “threw an egg that hit him on the shoulder,” according to cops, the NY Post reports.

“Another individual crossed the street and approached him stating ‘Say Free Palestine,’” according to an NYPD statement.

The individual who approached the Jewish student is described as an Asian teenager who stands at 5 foot 10 and has short black hair, cops said.



  1. the last 2 times this happened, ERIC GONZALEZ the Brooklyn DA charged them with minor crimes NOT as hate crimes which showed its open season on the frum, by the way Gonzalez released 300 criminals last month


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