Attorney General James On Anti-Semitic Video From Rockland County Republican Party

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New York State Attorney General Letitia James released the following statement in response to an anti-Semitic video created by the Rockland County Republican Party:

“This video is deeply disturbing and should be removed and condemned immediately by the Rockland County Republican Party. To clearly state that members of the Jewish community are a threat to families and our safety and that they must be stopped is despicable and completely unacceptable. Attacking those who are different than we are only breeds hate and makes us weaker. We must all stand together to denounce this hateful video.”

The A.G is referring to a post on the Rockland County Republican Party Facebook page where the following was posted:


If They Win, We Lose!

The stakes have never been higher. The future of our County, our communities, and our homes hangs in the balance of this year’s election on November 5th.

If Aaron Weider and his Ramapo machine win, they will control the upcoming redistricting of the County Legislative Districts and spread the influence of Ramapo throughout our County.

If this happens, it will be the end of our County as we know and love it. On November 5th, we must vote like our way of life depends on it.

On Election Day, stand with County Executive Ed Day and Take Back Control to Preserve and Protect our County!



  1. Letitia is a backstabbing hypocrite. We have hate crime after hate crime perpetrated against Orthodox Jews in Crown Heights and she doesn’t say a word. She is indifferent towards the Frum community. She won’t criticize a fellow black. Never.
    Why do we pay her tax funded salary? Just so she can go on a fishing expedition for President Trump’s tax returns from 1968? Ms. James has only stoked the flames of hatred since she stole the elections.

    • Excellent point. I agree. Don’t rock the boat. Just be contrite and enter the cattle cars as told. The nice thing is, there are showers waiting for us when we arrive. Shhh. Remember we’re in galus. Our avodah is to go like silent sheep.

    • Totally true.

      It is clearly time to move the bulk of the North American Torah communities to the likes of Melbourne, Montreal, Antwerp, and Golders Green where we can live authentic Torah lives.

      Let’s not put it off any longer.

  2. There is nothing that fans the flames of antisemitism more then taking over the community that eisov lived in for many years. B”h our families hav lots of kids, that also make lots of noise and leave lots of toys all over the place, and we don’t really socialize with the Bnei eisov and sort of take everything over. Our driving leaves what to be envied. We also get upset when our neighborhoods get taken over. I happen to agree with all these towns that “fight like their life depends on it”, especially when half your neighborhood is living in huge mansions and on all the programs, and not contributing with taxes.

  3. James herself, no matter which powerful Jews back her and try to make her look good, is nothing but a radical leftist with all the ideological baggage and associations that includes.

  4. Oy.

    What is there to say or do?

    No one ever heard from Letitia James when there were physical anti-Semitic attacks going on in Brooklyn. She is obviously is motivated by hatred for Republicans not concerns about anti-Semitism.

    However, as far as the video goes it’s difficult for me not to see and understand the point of view of those who made it. They don’t have to be anti-Semites to feel that way. Although if you fight with them too much they certainly will end up as anti-Semites.

    OTOH what should we do? Stop having children so as not to need new neighborhoods to move to? Live in an unaffordable housing situation?

    In a suburban area where frum people moving in WILL affect the lives of those who already live there this is a problem.

  5. To: Mr. (or Mrs.) Why didn’t I think of that?

    It is a historical fact that when a group of American Jews organized a boycott against Nazi Germany, Hitler ym”s flew into a fit of rage, and swore again and again, that he will finish off all the Jews once and for all. This was told to Rabbi Michoel Ber Weissmandel ztvk”l by one of the Nazi higher-ups.

    No one is advocatong walking into the cattle cars (Though you are pretty stupid and also disrespectful to our holy Grandparents, to assume that you would have had a choice, and actually MADE the choice, to fight under the circumstances, with the armed SS and their vicious dogs all around you, and that only THEY were too foolish and timid to make that choice).

    But wantonly attacking the people in power in a way that displays unbirdled arrogance, even when they are taking your side, is foolhardy and can only seve to increase the danger that is unfortunately creeping up on us.

    Grow up, and be responsible and level-headed, instead of flexing your flabby and weak muscles

  6. this is a SIMAN from SHOWMYIM. Move to Israel now. 1st Rocland then Rocks on your head. Leave the USA. The train has left the station. A new Day is coming.


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