AUDIO: Listen To Trump’s Call With Bob Woodward

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  1. Despite the president showing a calm outward appearance when addressing the nation although he was quite serious when doing so despite what the Looney tunes left claims, in all fairness you also have to look at what he did in the background. What he did in the background was stop flights from China back in January, while for another few months you had Nancy Pelosi and Warren Wilhelm AKA Bill deBlasio trying to get people into their downtown Chinese areas.

    Furthermore, we see that the numbers all in all, we’re not as bad as originally thought. In fact if you take out the numbers where Governor Cuomo sent Chinese Wuhan virus patients to the nursing homes to die as well as to infect others, the numbers are even way less. You also have to take out all the false positives, the ones where people died and were presumed to have Chinese Wuhan virus without actual proof of that, just so that the hospitals can make $40,000.


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