Audio: Stimas Hashinayim (“Fillings”) In Regard to Pesach


yaakov-moshe-shurkin[Audio below.] The following shiur, on the topic of “Stimas Hashinayim – Fillings” as related to the Yom Tov of Pesach, was delivered on Sunday morning at Bais Medrash Kol Yehuda-Brook Hill Ashkenaz Shul in Lakewood, NJ.

The shiur was given by Rav Yaakov Moishe Shurkin, author of Sifrei Biur Achizah Be’eikev al Teshuvos Rebbi Akiva Eiger and other seforim.

Click here to listen to this fascinating shiur.

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  1. Ashreychem Yisroel. That we live in a period where this potential problem of Bliah in our fillings can be easily solved. If one or 2 days prior to Pesach, we visit the dentist and have the hygenist clean and scale all the accretions and left over food between the teeth so that there is nothing BiEIn. Then Allow the hygenist or dentist to use the ultasonic cleaner with Clorhexidine or the Brand call ed Peridex in the water supply system, we are now not only cleaning but placing a detergent / disinfectant into the mouth. We then refrain from eating chometz from that point on. Obviously it would be better to not eat at all from Meis Leis. But we can’t force that issue on the entire tzibbur. I think this would result in a more reliable Teirutz then what Rav Shurkin is suggesting.

    Though I feel my eitza is really the best solution in practical terms, for full disclosure I must state that I am a practicing and licensed dentist in the State of New York.

  2. And what about the non- metallic fillings?
    I think we should pull out all our teeth and have 4 sets of dentures for milchik , fleishig, and pesach meat and milk.

  3. Though Rav Shurkin brought his breadth of bikius to the shiur. What he failed to do was to discuss and develop concepts that can be used as generalizations for future issues.
    . By the way as far as mitzius, there are fewer metal fillings and more bonded fillings that become part of the tooth. Even those who use metal fillings, many practitioners bond such fillings to the teeth. Do these issues make a difference. What about crowns made of all porcelain, or porcelain fused to metal? Many of these are also mechanicly and chemicaly bonded to the teeth. Old silver fillings never bonded and as such only stayed in mechanicly by friction. What about Titanium implants? These are imbedded into the bone integrate with the bone. Rav Shurkin had a great opportunity to deal with real issues.

  4. The anonymous #7 completely overlooked a further two sets of ‘parev’ dentures.

    Incidentally, I remember my maternal grandmother did have two sets of dentures, but how she coped with Pesach I do not know. Nebach, there is no one left who remembers her, apart from me.


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