Australia: Homeopathy Is 100% Useless



The National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia’s top medical research body, has concluded that “there are no health conditions for which there is reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective.”

Furthermore, the report asserts, “people who choose homeopathy may put their health at risk if they reject or delay treatments.” Homeopaths contend that illness-causing substances can, when diluted or in smaller doses, treat sick people.

The Australian medical body hopes the report will cause insurance companies to stop covering homeopathic treatments. Read more at The Guardian.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Mitch, have you read the report so you can give us evidence of your assertion? Or do you prefer to just “attack the person rather than the argument”?

  2. only those who haven’t benefitted from using homeopathy state that it’s useless. people didn’t believe in antibiotics either. homeopathy utilizes many different herbs and natural products in its remedies. Ever hear of the Rambam? He didn’t heal people with antibiotics! He used H-shem’s pharmacy – herbs and plants. It’s very easy to poo poo and poke fun at people who use alternative remedies. But please realize that most of us do so after going the medicine route that didn’t work for us.


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