Avi Gabbay Steps Down From Politics

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Labor Party chairman Avi Gabbay told his supporters on Wednesday evening that he does not plan on running at all for the next Knesset.

In a post on Facebook, Gabbay wrote, “I made the decision not to run for the party leadership long ago. I remained uncertain whether to remain on the Knesset list or not.”

“Yesterday morning I announced that I would not run for the party leadership. I hoped that this would be the end of the deliberations. At the same time, discussions began in the district court about another internal and procedural matter of the party. These discussions, which continue all the way along with the quarrels and disagreements that accompany them, have shown me that the party culture has not changed, and even though I believed I could deal with it, I could not. The party is in a great crisis, and I do not remove the responsibility from myself,” the Labor chairman wrote.

“Therefore, I decided to go with my heart and my truth and not with the cold interest and remove myself from the list to the next Knesset,” Gabbay concluded.

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