AWKWARD: Biden In Kenosha Says ‘They’ll Shoot Me’ If I Ramble on Policy

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Thursday at a community meeting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, awkwardly joked the audience would “shoot me” if he explained policy at length.

Jacob Blake, a Black man, was shot by police officers last month in the city. Biden, who traveled to the battleground state to meet with Blake and his family members for more than an hour in the wake of violent protests over the shooting, made the comment at a community meeting at Grace Lutheran Church.

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  1. Reb Avigdor Miller (Ish Emmes), said it’s Ossur to vote Democrat.
    They are against everything in the Torah.
    They are the cursed Liberals, etc.

  2. Hear about the connection between Corona ,Lockdowns and the riots and the uptick in recent WEEKS! of Earthquakes in scale of 7 and up ,Floods all over the world? , Brush Fires ,Hurricanes , Tornadoes , Meteorites , Natural disasters tens of millions evacuated , WHY !!??
    Rabbi Yuval Ovadia


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