BANNED: Israeli Court Says Separate Seating at Concert is Prohibited, Motti Steinmetz Forced to Consider Cancelling

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The Nazareth District Court ruled today, on the fast of Tisha B’Av, that the Municipality of Afula may not allow gender segregation at a concert slated to feature singer Moti Steinmetz later this week.

The ruling followed intensive lobbying by the left-wing, liberal, anti-chareidi Women’s Lobby.

In his ruling, Judge Jonathan Abraham wrote, “I prohibit gender segregation during the event. Each member of the event may at his or her discretion stay anywhere at the venue, and is hereby prohibited by any of the ushers or security guards, or any other organizing party in the event, from taking any action on segregation by gender.

The judge added: “I instruct the security guards and responders to prevent any attempt at gender segregation, to thwart any attempt to place signs indicating such segregation or barriers or proclamations, etc., and to have Israeli police present in the event of any attempt to segregate.”

The judge further stated that “the respondents will notify the organizers / producers of the event, as well as the artist, the contents of this judgment and the prohibition against have gender segregation. The respondents will also act to remove the gender condition from all publications and advertising in advance of the event. ”

The Afula Municipality said in response: “Of the 360 summer events organized for July and August, we sought to produce one huge event intended for the chareidi public that they can enjoy according to their lifestyle. We are sorry that the court has banned it, but we will honor the decision. Mayor Mr. Avi Alkabetz will continue to work to establish love among all residents of the city, providing all sectors with the services they deserve.”

A senior Afula municipality official responded, “We regret that those outside the municipality chose to intervene and damage the delicate fabric of life among the city’s residents. We wanted to work for the chareidi population as we work for all the city’s population. The women’s lobby caused a provocation to file a petition against the incident and unfortunately, in fact, hurt thousands of women who cannot enjoy a cultural event.”

Deputy Minister Meir Porush commented, “The Nazi court decision in the midst of Tisha B’Av embodies hatred that has led to the destruction of the home and is anti-democratic. We will work to limit the power of the Israeli court.”

MK Moshe Gafni responded to the ruling, saying: “The judge’s ruling is a vicious ruling that is appropriate for Tisha B’Av and will cause many people and youth not to attend the event.”

MK Michael Malchieli commented, “The very fact that this was discussed on Tisha B’Av is very sad. Instead of uniting and giving free love, this has caused enmity.”

MK Yisroel Eichler commented: “The court’s decision in the midst of the Tisha B’Av fast to prohibit the existence of a voluntarily separate event for Jews in Afula is shocking. It reminds us all that we are still in exile, within our Holy Land. Again, the judges prove that they are enemies of religious freedom… They force the people of the Torah to follow the evil culture of the anti-Jewish regime.”

After the scandalous court decision, singer Moti Steinmetz responded that he will not attend the event.

Steinmetz said that he has not pulled out of the concert, as there is an effort to fight the court in advance of Wednesday’s event, but if the court will not relent, he will not be able to attend.

Chareidi radio host Menachem Tucker said, “The court blatantly interfered with the freedom of culture, but I believe our music will prevail. Artists like Motti Steinmetz, who volunteer every day in hospitals, for the downtrodden and heartbroken, will not be harmed. Any company that sponsors a musical event with separate seating, I pledge to emcee it free.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Deputy Minister Meir Porush commented, “The Nazi court decision

    • That is correct!
      The גמרא says כל המחטיא את חבירו הוא יותר מהורגרו. The Israeli court is WORSE than the Nazi regime!!!!! NO COMPARISON WHATSOVER !!!!!

  2. As horrible as this ruling is, I would hope that on the day when we hear so much about the true evil of Nazis, a distinguished minister would refrain from the analogy. It only cheapens what a nazi really is.

  3. This is a very clear decision especially coming on Tisha Bav, If you look in הלכות תשעה באב a little further סימן תק”ס לעשות זכר לחורבן עי’ סעיף ג’ וכן גזרו שלא להגן בכלי שיר וכל משמיעי קול שיר לשמח בהם. Therefore the judge is saying -Don’t say you can’t have mixed seating because of Halacha because if you were worried at all about Halacha , what happened to this איסור of live music at all!! How appropriate that Hashem should send this message on תשעה באבת and may we all take this lesson and stop making and supporting concerts and then we will be Zoche to אז ימלא שחוק פינו, במה

    side note- i don’t know why everyone still acts all shocked when the Israeli government decides something against HALACHA this is and always will be a government of רשעים ושונאי הדת as much as or worse than communist Russia, if we realize that and internalize it, it will be a lot easier to deal with it, Instead of constantly feeling shocked and our “brothers”

    • Seriously? A simple query on wikipedia gives the following at the cited reference:

      > Rema Note:There are those who say, [the prohibition is] specifically for those whom they regularly play them, like for kings who stand and rest to instruments or in the house of a feast. (Tur)

      And even the mechaber himself overrules himself, as example the followings elf-contradictory statement:

      > It is forbidden to make them heard because of the destruction, and even song by mouth over wine is forbidden, as it says: “In song one may not drink wine” (Isiah 24:9). And all of Israel is already accustomed to saying words of praise or songs of thanks and remembering the goodnes of the holy one blessed be he over wine.

  4. Kol Hakavod to Motty Steinmetz! ! ! May there be many, many more like him – upholding Kiddush Shaim Shamayim! May he and his Mishpacha be infinitely Gebentched thousandsfold! I was always a fan of Motty Steinmetz – but now even more so! Ahsrecha Motty! And Ashrechei to Motty’s parents!

  5. The judge is right????? Even the secular radio had a complaint on one person- the judge! The men want it, the women want it , why not???? The city hosted a few hundred events ONE cant be separate?????? Every segment of society should be accommodated, not chareidim???? This is SICK and EVIL

  6. @anonymous it’s not about the actual event or the lack thereof it’s more the principle or what lies behind the ruling

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