Bannon: McConnell Should ‘Tender His Resignation’

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Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon on Wednesday said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should immediately resign from his leadership position and make the move effective after Congress completes its push for tax reform.

“I tell you Sean, I’m to the point, that I think Mitch McConnell, to really bring unity to the Republican Party, and get things done, I think Mitch McConnell ought to tender his resignation,” Bannon told Fox News’ “Hannity.”

Bannon said while McConnell should not leave his post as majority leader during the tax push, he should provide his resignation on Thursday or tonight.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Bannon is right again. McConnell is part of the sewer and should resign immediately and take along the rest of the smelly swamp.

    • It’s amazing. The only accomplishment of the Trump team has been to divide the GOP. During the election we were told how not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary, just hild your nose and vote for him. The Trumpets them make it sound as if people voted for Trump because they like him. No way, aren’t drinking the Bannon-Limbaugh-Hannity KoolAid. Just because Trump was the better of two poor options doesn’t mean that we think he is any good.

  2. Bannon? Who cares. He hasn’t been able to get anything done in his tenure at the White house. Failed Healthcare reform, an immigration policy that couldn’t get past the courts, no tax bill. Essentially got nothing done, and he blames everyone else. Just like his boss

    • Exactly. Let’s not forget that Trump only got 44% of the Republican primary votes, he couldn’t even get a majority of Republicans in the primary. People voted for him because they had no choice, either him or Hillary, bit not because they like him

  3. Mister Bannon, before I agree with you, just need to double check that the governor of his state is Republican. Otherwise he will appoint a Dem to the Senate. That would be even worse than this clown!


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