Beck: I Would Be ‘Uncomfortable’ With Muslim In My Administration


glen-beckGlenn Beck agreed with GOP candidate Herman Cain on his Tuesday show, saying that he would be uncomfortable having a Muslim in his administration.

Cain has attracted attention for saying that he is worried about the spread of Sharia law in the U.S., and that he was worried that a Muslim might not be faithful to the Constitution.

On Tuesday, Beck said he understood what Cain meant.

“Do you feel comfortable in saying, ‘yeah, you know what? I’m not even going to check that guy on his stance on Sharia law,'” Beck said. He started to say that, although it wasn’t fair, he wouldn’t ask the same of a Catholic or a Baptist, but then backtracked, saying that, in fact, he might be “uncomfortable” with people from any faith, explaining, “I don’t trust anybody anymore.”

However, Beck had a distinction to make. “Would I be more uncomfortable with a Muslim?” he asked. “Yes.” The reason for this, he said, was because Muslim rights group had “wildly deceived” Americans–though he didn’t say about what exactly.

“And a Muslim is more likely to want Sharia law in America than any other religion,” Beck’s co-host said. Beck was quick to say that not all Muslims wanted Sharia law.

“I have friends who are Muslim who are not for Sharia law,” he said.

{Huffington Post/ Newscenter}


  1. Would Mr. Beck be comfortable with someone — like President Obama — who is Christian, but very sympathetic with the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic views of Muslims?

  2. When I was a kid the question was usually put, “Would you be comfortable having a _Jew_ in your administration?” People who disliked FDR claimed that he was Jewish, and “Ike the kike” was a common cry of those who disliked Pres. Eisenhower (despite the fact that he was really a fifth or sixth generation non-Jewish immigrant from Germany).

    This is BH a free country, and religious choice is one of those basic freedoms that our Constitution guarantees. If he doesn’t like it why doesn’t he try a different country? But as far as I know the only countries still without religious freedom are Muslim ones, so he seems to have a problem there….

    And remember – if they can legally discriminate agiainst Muslims today they can equally discriminate against Jews tomorrow. It wasn’t that long ago historically speaking that an English Rothschild couldn’t take his duly-elected seat in England’s Parliament because he wouldn’t take an oath of office on a non-Jewish bible. (He eventually was able to take office, but it took new laws to make it possible.)


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