Beis Medrash Demolished In Yerushalayim

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The Yerushalayim municipality destroyed an illegally built extension to a shul in the Gush Shemonim neighborhood which was being used as a beis medrash by the mekubal Rav Yitzchok Meir Morgenstern.

“This in unbelievable,” exclaimed councilman Aryeh King, who has just resigned from Barkat’s coalition. “Fifty-seven illegal mosques have been built from foundation to lintel and sometimes on open or public land and Mr. Barkat has the nerve to deal specifically with shuls.

King noted that this was the eighth shul destroyed during Barkat’s candidacy.

{ Israel News}


  1. This is outrageous that the city of Jerusalem discriminates against Jews , while giving Arabs license to build illegally without enforcement of the laws.

  2. I passed by their recently and saw the structure that was built and it was done illegally. It has nothing to do with being a shul or not. There was a big “courtyard” in front of the building where the shul is on the ground floor. They had put up some sort of temporary walling just so it could be covered off. I believe they build the sukkah even one year in that area. However now they built something stronger and more permanent but still not a “building” by any means. Again this has nothing to do with being a shul, they didn’t have a permit to build out more…Just get the permit! (even though it can take 10 years…)

  3. But Arabs can build illegally. And who put this secular mayor in. The chareidim. Now you have increase in chillul Shabbos and yearly toeiva parades. Don’t blame the non religious. Blame the chareidim who voted for this brakat secular mayor over the chareidi candidate Porush.


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