Belz Finishes Mussaf After Shkiah

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belzRosh Hashanah davening in the main Belzer bais medrash in Kiryat Belz in Yerushalayim ended after shkiah today. Yesterday, the first day of Rosh Hashanah, Tefillas Mussaf ended at 5 p.m., which was considered early even though there were no tekios because it was Shabbos.  

Today, Tefillas Mussaf, as mentioned, ended after shkiah and Minchah was davened after Tzeis Hakochavim. Following Krias HaTorah, tekias shofar took place after a break of an hour and a half, though the hafsaka had been originally scheduled for just an hour. Mispallelim were provided with food and drink. After the break, the shofar was blown, but due to the length of the davening, Mussaf did not conclude until after nightfall. Minchah was davened at that point, which was followed by Maariv, for which numerous minyanim were held for the thousands of mispallelim.

 {Yair Israel}


  1. what it probably means is mincha after shkia, according to rabeinu tam, tur, mechaber, rema, etc one may daven mincha until approx. 54 minutes after shkia (even in eretz yisroel) and nightfall wouldnt be until 72 minutes after shkia.

  2. Very interesting report. People have different shkiahs and tzeis hakochachim. Keep that in mind. But thanks for reporting. I find it fascinating. I have heard that 10,000 people daven in that main Belzer minyan.

  3. I have the same question as #5:
    Isn’t there an inyan to have a seudas Yom Tov?
    Unless the kiddush break was an actual seuda- which might explain it. Otherwise, wouldn’t that be a problem to skip a seuda?

  4. What’s the point of this report? So people can make fun? Challenge to the olam: only constructive comments like some of the good ones above.

    As my posting name suggests, I was raised with a distinct awareness of zemanim in halacha, but I shudder to think where this is heading.

  5. shcris start at 7:30, was a brack for 1.5 hr at 1:15, davenen was amazing and seuda was after yom tov,BTW many ppl are fasting rosh hashana in this shul like 10000 fast

  6. I am a belze woman.
    I dont live in israel, but last year I went for the chagim!
    The davening there is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! You can feel the holliness the minute you walk in to the shul! there is not 1 dry eye when the rebbi says unesane toikef!!!!!!! U dont even feel that the time goes by! when the davening was over, I mammesh felt that all my tfillos went straight to the heaven! hundred of people that weren’t observent, became holy jews after ONE tfilla in the belze shul!
    our rebby is not very healthy, but when it comes to davening, he gets a special spirit from the one above!
    He is surrounded by 100000… people, and he has every single one of them in mind!
    this year I wont be there, as I just got married, but whoever writes things about belz, is invited to join us in our stunning shul, even just for 1 tfille, he will talk differently!! And I am absolutly sure about this!!!!!!!


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