Bennett: Terrorists Should be Killed, Not Released

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bennett1He’s right on this one.

Israel’s Economy Minister, Naftali Bennett, said last night that he would vote against the release of 104 terrorist prisoners, a demand by the Palestinian Authority in order to start peace negotiations.

“Terrorists should be killed, not released,” Bennett penned on his Facebook page. “All my life I fought towards fulfilling the two parts of this sentence. Tomorrow I will vote against. I am the last one who needs to be convinced not to release murderers. I’ve instructed the Bayit Yehudi ministers to vote against.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Bennett is more like a card of unorthodox design every new day. His prayers are for another holocaust rather than peace.

  2. The fact that his party has decided to stay in the coalition and not try to bring the government down shows that he’s actually not so bothered by it after all.

  3. Do you think Bennett would bolt this government after they snubbed him and voted to release the murder-terrorists?

    Ha! He won’t leave a fat paycheck and other nice benefits no matter what.

    No principles just talk.


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