Bernie Sanders Slams ‘Racist’ Trump After Campaign Launch Rally

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Democratic party primary candidate and veteran politician Bernie Sanders slammed Donald Trump after the current White House resident launched his campaign bid in Florida on Tuesday.

In a video published on his website after the Trump rally ended, the Vermont senator said the US president is a “racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe and a religious bigot.”

Slamming Trump’s campaigning style as attempting to “divide the American people,” the Brooklyn native called on people to rally to his democratic socialist campaign.

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  1. (Gateway Pundit) – Former Trump campaign advisor George Papadolpoulos joined Jeanine Pirro on Saturday to discuss his latest book and the ongoing investigation into the Obama Spygate scandal.
    President Obama used his administration and all of the power of the US government to spy on candidate Trump and then his Transition Team during and after the 2016 election.
    George Papadopoulos told Judge Jeanine that Italy was already investigating Joseph Misfud and the Italian intel community’s role in spying on the Trump campaign.
    Papadopoulos said it was all being run from the Obama State Department.
    Papadopoulos: This was a global effort to take Trump down… Absolutely, I believe all these foreign governments were being prodded by the State Department to essentially weaponize their intel agencies against us. That’s why you saw many Trump associates who were abroad being spied on. And, hopefully the president did bring this up during his last visit to the UK. Cause the UK was heavily involved in this and this should be called out to the light right now.

  2. Prosecute the Deep State
    Obama’s Deep State agents that have been working to undermine the Trump presidency from day one.
    We demand that the assault on his presidency be put to an end and everyone involved be brought to swift justice.
    The federal government serves the American People, not the political machinations of corrupt plutocrats.
    We sign our names here to make our voices heard, that WE THE PEOPLE demand that our duly elected President, NOT THE DEEP STATE, govern our country and protect our Democracy!

  3. When people resort to name calling instead of debating substance… it means they got no substance…
    Bernie has nothing real to offer the American people.

  4. Dear My2cents:,
    I know someone with a brain worth about the same as your name suggests, who is very good in name calling, currently occupying the White House


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