Bernie Sanders Warns: Donald Trump’s Healthcare Plan Means ‘Thousands Of People Will Literally Die’

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Senator Bernie Sanders warned on Sunday that he believes many Americans could die if President Donald Trump’s plan for healthcare moves forward.

“If Trump gets his way, the cost of health insurance… will be so high that many people literally will not be able to afford it,” Sanders, an independent who represents Vermont, said on CBS News Face the Nation. “Thousands of people will literally die. That’s Trump’s health insurance plan.”

Sanders has regularly pushed for what has become known as “Medicare for All” — the expansion of a government-funded isurance option to all Americans — and is currently polling as one of the top contenders to win the Democratic nomination and potentially face Trump in 2020. The senator also said Sunday that he plans to reintroduce his Medicare for All plan within “the next couple of weeks.”

“What we understand is that it is just not acceptable that 30 million Americans have no health insurance and even more are underinsured with high deductibles and high co-payments,” he pointed out.

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  1. Projection at it’s best. Everything these truly evil liberals say about Trump what they themselves do or plan to do. This anti-semite and anti-American should jump in the lake and just disappear. Moron.

  2. Thank you for your assessment Dr. Sanders just curious to know how many people are going to die because I can’t afford the Obamacare

  3. Bernie is right. Trump is dangerous. Trump should resign immediately. Nanci Pelosi should take over the helm first thing in the morning.


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