Biden Ads Aired On 9/11 Despite Vow Not To

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden vowed to pull his campaign ads off the air on Friday as a mark of respect for the anniversary the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but hundreds of ads ran anyway.

Data by ad-tracking firm Advertising Analytics shows most of those ads ran early, before Biden said that his campaign was going dark shortly before 7 a.m. Eastern Time. But at least 121 ads ran after the pledge, or about 6% of Biden’s scheduled ad buy.

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  1. This comes as no surprise as Mr. Biden is a priviliged white draft dodger. His Daddy got him 6 deferments, as his buddies were being slaughtered on the killing fields of Vietnam and Cambodia. Mr. Biden has no understanding whatsoever, of the suffering of those that fought and gave their live’s for this Nation. Joe os unable to commiserate with those that lost lived ones to the Muslim terrorists on 9/11.


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