Biden Endorses $908 Billion Covid Relief Plan As ‘Down Payment’

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President-elect Joe Biden endorsed a $908 billion stimulus proposal by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, saying it “wouldn’t be the answer” but would provide immediate relief to those suffering from the Covid recession.

Biden, speaking to a virtual roundtable of workers and small-business owners affected by the virus-related downturn, called on Congress Wednesday to pass a robust Covid-relief bill in the lame-duck session, which he said would “at best only be a down payment” on a more comprehensive bill once he takes office.

But he said the bipartisan bill appears unlikely to pass as long as President Donald Trump remains in office. “So it’s now back to square one again,” he said.

He was candid about his own limitations in getting a bill passed before he takes office. “To state the obvious, my ability to get you help immediately does not exist,” he told workers who had described their difficulties one by one.

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  1. What do you expect with a bunch of “pork barrel” extras that have nothing to do with the little man on the street?

  2. Yeh, no big deal. We’ll reinvent the printing press. Just keep printing out new dollar bills to fund all of these wonderful goodies. It’s okay if we bring the taxpayers to their knees. It’s okay if we kill the economy so that it never recovers. Ah, don’t be such a killjoy. Just give every American, legal or not, a million dollars a year to sit by the pool in their swimming trunks.

  3. As for the Mother Load,

    Bernie sanders will fill him in.

    One must admire how the socialists find “cases” to implement their agenda.

    Similar to AOC discovering that Environmental ideas [Green New Deal] can be a great vehicle to make America like Venezuela.


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