Biden Keeps Door Open For 2020 Run Against Trump: “Who Knows Where We’re Going To Be”


Vice President Joe Biden wants a say in the direction of the Democratic Party as it picks up the pieces from a nightmare electoral loss this year — and isn’t willing to fully rule out a bid for the presidency if he thinks issues of economic fairness aren’t being voiced, MY FOX 8 reports.

“Four years is a lifetime in American politics,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview on “State of the Union.” “And I think nominees are determined by their parties based mostly on what skill set is most needed at that time.”

“Who knows where we’re going to be two years from now when people are really starting to look seriously at what they’re going to do,” he said.

His comments came after a week of public back-and-forth on the prospects of a run in 2020; he somewhat facetiously told reporters on Capitol Hill Monday he was going to run, only to return Wednesday to the Capitol and insist “I have no intention of running.”

If Biden, now 74, decides to run for president in 2020, he’d be asking Americans to elect the oldest commander-in-chief in US history; Donald Trump, 70, will assume that record when he’s sworn in next month.

“Age could be very much an issue, and it may not be,” Biden acknowledged in the interview. “It depends on the state of my health and the health of whoever is running.” Read more at MY FOX 8.




  1. Why does Matzav insist on reporting anything about this old fart? If he was so scared of Hillary Clinton, that he stepped aside in fear, to let her be coronated, he can not be elected to be dog catcher. He is a coward loser.

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