Biden Now Leads In Pennsylvania

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Joe Biden overtook the lead in counted votes in Pennsylvania Friday morning.

Biden leads the president by 5,587 votes as of 9 AM, but that lead is expected to grow as more votes from Democratic areas are counted.

If Biden wins the Keystone State, he will have crossed the threshold of 270 electoral votes, and the presidential election will be over.



  1. No way Trump can overcome this deficit; almost all the yet to be counted votes are from the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas. Decision Desk has called Pennsylvania for Biden and had declared that Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States.

  2. When i went to sleep CNN was reporting trumps lead was over 70k. How did it charge overnight?

    Like Stalin used to say: Its not the votes that count but the one who counts the votes.

    • Elections workers worked all night to count votes. They did in Georgia, too.

      The count in Philadelphia has been livestreamed since early Tuesday morning and Republican observers were always present. Everyone knew that the mail in vote would be overwhelmingly Democratic because the stupid Trump ordered his supporters not to vote by mail and the stupid Republicans went along with him. Furthermore the Democrats in PA wanted to allow the mail in votes to be counted in advance but the stupid Republicans refused to allow it.

      Wednesday I pointed out that Biden was almost certain to win PA because of the huge margin in mail in votes. It just has taken days to count them. 2.6 million mail in votes is a lot. Kudos to the dedicated elections officials who work to preserve our democracy.

  3. Any scientific experiment is valid only when it can be verified. An election is valid only when it is completely transparent and can be verified at will by all parties involved. The Republican observers were consistently barred from the meaningful observation and basic examination of ballots. It happens to be that the vote counting is controlled by the Democratic Party in the state of Pennsylvania. Hence, these PA election “results” are basically what Democrats claim it to be, but are unwilling to prove it. That’s how they do things in banana republics. If the Democratic aparatchiks in PA have nothing to hide, than stop appealing the legal decision granting full access to the Republican election-observers. And no, the burden of proof is not on me to show a particular tampering, but on the election officials to show that everything is clean(no, I am not going to just believe) – the only way to accomplish this is to grant full access to all parties involved.


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